Officers and expensive Hotels?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by labrat, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. I've had clients visiting this week, so we had to put them up in a nice local hotel - the Village, in Farnborough...

    Imagine my surprise, on picking them up there yesterday morning and milling round the lobby with a Venti mocha, to see a cluster of CS95 wandering round, having breakfast etc. Proper staff h'officer grade with briefcases, files and paperwork in abundance.

    Now, booking into this place for a midweek stay cost my company £130 per night per room.

    how on earth can we justify this? In Farnborough FFS! theres more barracks and officers messes within five miles of here than you can shake a very shitty stick at and we're putting people in plush, expensive hotels.

    We can complain all we like about MOD pissing money up the wall on £100 office chairs, but when the army is leaking money like a sieve on hotels just down the road from "The home of the British Army" then someone needs a good shaking!
  2. The last time I was in Las Vegas the place was full of RAF on a RED FLAG exercise

    In Cardiff Bay there were thousands of posh flats that were sitting empty because of the recession but are now MQs for the Army costing the MOD a shed load of money, the reason that they were needed is because the MOD had sold off all there housing stock in the area, few years earlier for buttons, and then realised they had dropped a big one, and are now spending millions on these flats the best part of 20 miles from St Athen
  3. Mate, I am stuffed into a flat with a guy I work with (SSSA), it resembles a 1980's guardroom but the Army pay in excess of £1600 a month for the 2 of us just on rent, they then pay HCR a fee to (mis) manage the whole thing. It would be half the price and better accom for us if we sorted our own accom at unit level. Yes the Army is leaking £££'s away through absolute shite policy and decisions day in day out, nothing new there then eh??
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    LabRat - you must remember that CBHS will have preferential rates at these hotels, rather like all outsourced travel business booking units.

    The price to stay at the Hilton is £180 per night on the door, my company pays approx 60% of that. This also happens in CHBS as well - so don't be too hasty.
  5. Ah it is great to see Feck All has changed since my day

  6. Not always true. There have been occassions where CHBS prices are actually higher than normally charged. I have had first hand experience of it.
  7. Whats the issue? Messes are mostly full these days as we've squeezed more into less and what is there is falling down. If anyone has to travel and stay overnight on business, this must be booked through a central facility - which is capped on max price and the same for all ranks. As mentioned above, they have preferred rates which are cheaper because of the volume of business they have.
  8. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Wouldn't jump to conclusions. CHBS is all over the place, I've had some that are hugely cheaper than the going rate and osme that are way above but to the OP, how do you know that all the messes in the Aldershot area are able to take X amount of officers? You'd be surprised at the amount of messes that are actually full (or deemed uninhabitable).

    As for SSSA, the rules are frankly stupid. For example, DE are being completely **** about the allocation of appropriate accommodation here in Birmingham. For example, a Maj (or equivalent) is posted in and his entitlement is a one-bedroom studio flat costing no more than £715 a month. One of those in central Birmingham can cost anything from £850 upwards however you can get a two-bedroomed house in a nice part of town away from the city centre for £700. DE however will say, 'Oh no, the entitlement is a one-bed roomed studio therefore he must have that'. But it costs more money says we, doesn't matter says them, thems the rules. *********.
  9. Public sector is the same. I sourced two nights in London for a congress recently for £240.00. My travel team negotiated it up to £420.00. While I served I was made to go in temp accommodation lines so why not the Officer Clan?
  10. We are talking about a MOD procurred contract here. Is it still hogg Robinson running the service? It's quite probable that the MOD is paying more than joe civvy walking in off the street, then add the admin fee that CHBS charges!!!

    Even in business these contracts for travel services in my opinion do not save a company any real money it just looks good on the bottom line of one sections budget but hits the bottom line of someone elses. It's just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    I would be interested to see the non avialability chits of the officers staying in the hotel quoted in the original post too.
  11. rules - for guidance of the wise men and the obeyance of fools
  12. Maybe, but there's no accomodation available. The existing accm is generally in such a poor state that a local authority would be legally prohibited from putting people in them. Most of the Messes and accomodation in the area is condemed.

    If you are posted to the area as a singley, you will get SSSA, minimum of £1,000 per month.

    There are married quarters available, but DE won't put a single soldier in married accomodation "cos it's against the rules". Economically sensible, but "more than me job's worth Gov". Additionally, if MQ are not occupied for 12 months ( I think) they can be sold off, so it is not in the interest of the civie contractor to have them occupied. Much better to force the Army to pay eye watering amounts in the private rental market.

    If you want to be a millionaire, don't play the lottery, get a defence contract :twisted:
  13. It is worth noting that bookings made by the DHRS (formerly CHBS) are settled in full by individuals and then claimed for later (although advances are available). There is nothing to stop anyone on official business staying in a DHRS booked hotel if they want. The need for non-availability chits and proof of official business is only required for those who wish to claim reimbursment for their hotel fees.
  14. Apart from

    1. It would be Fraud to say you'd booked through DHRS when you hadn't.
    2. There is a space on the subsistence allowance page in JPA for the DHRS booking code which you get given when booking through them. No code, no refund of expenses.
  15. Have you considered that they may have just organised a breakfast meeting? Breakfast £10 a head, meeting room free, refreshments £2.50 a head?

    A hotel meeting room usually provides such niceties as OHP, Interactive whiteboard, flip chart, projector, powerpoint hookup and will have water bottles and mints as well as paper and pencils. All under one roof. It probably works out on a par with mess facilities if not cheaper.