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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by chris78290, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi there everyone, need to pick your brains quickly;

    A mate of mine is filling out his officer application initial interest form at the moment and hes putting RMP down after Infantry as his second choice of role. He has been talking to a recruiter who has told him the normal number of wonderful tales they tell potential recruits. The result being that he has heard about the CP role that the RMP carry out and is keen to follow that path; I had some doubts as to the relevance of this for officer applicants, wanted to check here first before i questioned it whether RMP officers are:

    a) eligible to do the RMP CP course and
    b) whether there are normally officers on an RMP CP team.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. For goodness sake dont let more ruperts near CP as they fcuk things up,in my day about 20yra ago there were certain ruperts/rodneys who thought they knew all about CP and one in particular Major....B--on (Rashers) who really cocked things up, so tell your mate to join the infantry and leave my beloved corps out of it.
  3. Finished a CP tour last year where the Team Leader was an officer. He was a spot on bloke, ran the team brilliantly and we had a good tour, however he had come through the ranks and had completed previous tours as an NCO.
    As for direct entry officers doing the job mmmmm.......?
  4. Sorry, to answer your question, yes and yes
  5. I was always informed that an Officer could do the course, but he was f* lucky to get a tour outa it, however not being CP myself i couldn't say
  6. As you say WO111 tours are few and far between for officers
  7. He was still a c*ck when he was CO RMPTS. I'm still hoping that some bugger will soon post here that the little c*nt has died.....violently.
  8. Is he the short ginger f%ck with a limp n wings?
  9. You telling me that the prick rose to the rank of Lt Col.......jesus christ, I think Ill rejoin and try myself to get Lt Col. What a waster he was and possibly no probably still is. I wouldnt urinate on him if he was on fire, boy was i glad when i left his presence for good.
  10. As a CO of the TS I don't think he was that bad sure a little nuts and maybe he did like to wrestle young men in their boxers but the only people who had problems with him were the card carrying lefty types and those who were sh1t scared of him! I thought he was quite amusing and certainly not worth the instant violent death hopes of some. If the OC had been stronger, he would have stayed well away and this was only compounded by the WO's who primed him for their dirty work- Cowards
  11. You obviously never heard about his encounter with Armed Sussex Police Officers on Broyle Road then? Cut short, he decided that he'd had enough of the CFT (reckoned that the PTI was taking them the wrong way), after making a complete c*nt of himself he in front of the recruits, he heads off on his own for the barracks, complete with rifle.

    A 'concerned' citizen, let's call him......'Steve', reported an 'armed' man heading towards the camp and Bacon was intercepted by two Sussex ARVs, on Broyle Road. The usual 'Do you know who I am' tripe saw him frog marched into the Guardroom by the cops for proof.

    If only he had a tan and the incident happened after the London bombings, the little slimy f*ck might have been topped. I saw him out in Afganistan a couple of years ago, but didn't have my rifle with me at the time. Had I done so, I may have been typing this from the 'trustees' library in Bellmarsh.
  12. Why is CP a simian trade?

    Please don't tell me that monkeys are better soldiers or that one has to have policing skills to be a good CP operator or chimps are more able to operate in plain clothes etc etc etc because that is all horseshiite. I would love to see a really good argument put forward for the rationale behind it. (I listened to all the arguments for keeing it in the monkey world during a visit to the CP trg estab and was not convinced by any of them).

    Seems a shame to not open a great trade to the rest of the army in its entirety and give the CP world a far greater choice.

    Or is it 'ape-inchief's' transparent effort to mitigate against the effects of the next round of military cuts by suggesting that plastic coppers are the only pax who can cut the mustard in that environment ? :frustrated:
  13. I must have been a right card carrying leftie then.
  14. Hey, don't tell us how to do our job eh?...we don't tell you how to sweep up.
  15. You failed to answer my question. Or perhaps you can't?
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