Phase 1: Common Military Syllabus (5-8 weekends and 2 weeks)
Phase 2: Tactics etc. (10 weekends, including PRACTAC 1)
Phase 3: Leadership Development Course (9 days)
Phase 4: Commissioning Course (3 weeks at RMAS)
Phase 5: Post Commissioning Training (3-4 weekends and Platoon/ Troop Commanders courses, ranging from 2 weeks to 2 years FTRS in the case of the RY)

At some stage before phase 3 (?) TA Briefing and TA Commissioning Boards must be sat and passed.
Thanks for the replys.

I'm going for selection on the 28th to 30th of this month at Redford Brrks. Anybody got any advice for this selection?
Don't say anything very silly, (have seen two examples of this faux para and a former para who said some rather... indelicate things), and put in a maximum effort.
do drink lots and show you have depth of character. Oh and if you can bone one of the sodexho bunnies that's more bonus points.
RHQ Rug-rat said:
do drink lots and show you have depth of character. Oh and if you can bone one of the sodexho bunnies that's more bonus points.
No Rugs... NOOOOO! Even you can't be cruel enough to reccomend sodexho anything...
RHQ Rug-rat said:
do drink lots and show you have depth of character. Oh and if you can bone one of the sodexho bunnies that's more bonus points.

You must have drunk loads to find a sodexho bunny :lol:

Got notification that at Redford I will have a briefing, assessment and training over this day and half. If I passs this, I will go to TA Foundation Scheme training then a 2 week course.

I've never read on this foundation training, anybody able to shine some light on this?

I was expecting to have to sit maths/english exams. However it appears that I don't.

I take it this weekend is mainly to see what I'm like?

So when can I expect to do the TCB?

Depending on what your joining you might do a psychometric assesment to see where your capabilities lie. You'll have a medical and they'll see if you're suitable for the TA via interviews and command tasks (easy peasy), most people are. If you're interested in going officer you'll might have another intereview where they'll clue you into what happens next. Or so that's what happens with our recruits.

The foundation scheme lasts four weekends, you'll learn to iron, march, run, and hang around waiting for things to happen.

After this you get a two week camp where you do more of the above plus get to learn NBC, v.low level tactics, shoot, and how to get fucked about.

Depending on your regiment and bde you might do training GAP, which basically is revision on all you've learnt, it makes sense to do it anyway. Then you start doing your PO weekends where you start to learn things (at a very fast pace) and you should do TCB briefing around about then. After that it's up to the training team to advise you when to do your main board.

If you want to go officer it's worth joining an infantry unit to begin with, do CIC and the rest as all the officer trg uses the infantry model and you will be doing 20 section attacks, 5 platoon attacks and an infantry CFT (4 miles, 26kgs plus weapon with a bastard susat, in one hour-somewhat different to non teath arms who carry 15 or 12kgs-bastards) before breakfast you'd only throw it up anyway. Seriously who only carries 15kgs in the field anyway?!?

That's how we do things with our bunch anyway.
you'll have another of those CFT's on Module 3 at a time when it's far too early for your brain to consider mutiny.

Best tip I offer is enjoy it. A lot of it seems awful as you do it but you tend to blank out these bits and remember just the bits you've enjoyed. Good memories.

Also if you're not already in a unit, when you do go remember what everyone here wisely told me right at the beginning of my embarkation on your path. Keep your eyes and ears open and don't mouth off. However do remember to ask questions. A lot of the TA is about doing things for yourself and making them happen, ask the right questions to the right people and make sure you're seen as giving maximum effort.

You may also have to do some menial jobs and some important ones (my first tasking was to clear out some rooms so unit reorganisation could be done-low grade stuff) but go in with top effort and enthusiasim. It will pass on to people around you and help them see you in the right light.
Thanks for the advice.

The local unit is Infantry. I'm just worried that I will be rejected as my maths skills are not shall we say to the best.

Thats the only worry I have, the maths side of any tests.

I've been in the regulars, was in the Vet Corps. So the Vet selection board were happy with my maths ability.
I have it on very good authority :wink: that the selection weekend at Redford is primarily a "look at life" weekend which is more about the new PO getting a look at what s/he may be getting him/herself into than a selection weekend in the truest sense. It is certainly true that there will be a bit of physical and intellectual effort required and also true that there were a significant number who dropped out from 51 Bde's last selection weekend. Interestingly, the greatest number chose to leave after the OC's brief on Values & Standards of the British Army. A few also left after the fitness standards were explained to them (51 Bde students complete the CFT with Inf weights regardless of arm or service) (They also tab out to the start point and tab back in to the finish and it seems that these are getting further away as training progresses :twisted: ) And a few others left when they realised that this was not an easy way into the Army for failed RCB types.

The TAOC instructors have all been told to train in rather than select out so best advice for anyone attending is to let them see the real you at your best and if you are determined enough to be an Officer you will get all the necessary additional training - mental and ohysical - to get you up to Sandhurst entry standard.

Naturally, any howling loonies will be sifted out at this early stage but the real POTENTIAL Officer selction test - as pointed out elsewhere in these forums - is the TAB and TAMB. Point to note, 51 Bde DO NOT train or "brief in fine detail" their students for these boards although there have been some very realistic views on the fitness and attitude requirements for TCB/RCB posted by forum members so well worth having a look at these.


p.s. anyone with any specific queries on 51 Bde Officer Training feel free to PM me.

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