Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. hi i was just wondering what qualifications are needed if you wanted to go to sandhurst, and if you can do them within the army once you have got in thanks a lot
  2. top tip signals,

    if you're asking a questions about becomming an officer, may i suggest posting this in the officer forum :numberone:
  3. Visiting Sandhurst requires nothing more than a train ticket from Reading, but dont bother, apart from a small parade of shops, several crap pubs and a Toyota dealership, theres buggerall there.
  4. There's plenty of advice in the Officers' Forum. Your written English is already a cause for concern though...
  5. Qualifications are on the Sandhurst website or any good AFCO.

    Get in and prove yourself - if you need quals you do not have, get them in your own time. And when you are ready give it a try - though you will get no preferential treatment - in fact you must/ should do better than the rest.

    If you are up for the challenge then do you home work on joining and the qualifications you need. If you are still in education don't waste this time now!

    People have comissioned having joined as a private soldier - but its not all cocktail parties and horse trials - it can be bl**dy hard graft.

    Either way good luck whatever you decide


    P.S Personally I waited 20 years and commissioned from the ranks it was a lot easier than RMAS for a year :)
  6. The educational entry standard for officer candidates is set to change from 1 Sep 06. From this date all new candidates, ie all those submitting a PAOIF, will require 180 UCAS Tariff points at AS/A level (or equivalent), which must include 2 A levels (or equivalent) at minimum grade E.

    In addition all candidates will require a minimum of 35 ALIS points at GCSE or 34 ALIS points at Scottish Standard Grades (or equivalent) where:

    GCSE Grades
    A* = 8 points
    A = 7
    B = 6
    C = 5

    SCE Standard Grades
    1 = 7 points
    2 = 6
    3 = 5

    Candidates will still require at least GCSE grade C (or equivalent) in English language, mathematics and either a science of foreign language