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Discussion in 'Officers' started by biscuits, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Salutations.

    Does anyone know why some people in the military feel the need to say the word "utilise" instead of "use"?

    Is this an strictly an officer problem, or is it prevalent in the OR stream too?

    Another word that has started to piss me off is "normalcy". What is wrong with "normality"?

    Any thoughts?
  2. It's not just the military.

    My (very civvy) job involves editing texts for publication on a website, and I change so many occurrences of "utilize" into "use" that I'm thinking of creating a Word macro to do it automatically.
  3. Surely the biggest word-substitution crime is the use of "myself" when you really mean "me" or "I"?
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  4. That one really grips my shite!
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  5. 'Osmosis', used by ******* for consumption by *******.
  6. "Synergy" and "resolution" are making a break through round here!

    At this rate I'm going to have to re-strucure my bullshit bingo table!
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  7. Could not agree more.
  8. "Synergy"


    "We need a more blue-sky approach to functional policy alignment."


    Shite Generator

  9. Ahem. Why would someone use the word "salutations" when "hi" would suffice?

    Normalcy is a synonym of normality and utilise is a synonym of use. All are in the English dictionary, so whats the problem? Granted they sound a bit laa-dee-daa and overly flowery but what choice of words to be used is at an individual's discretion. Are you going to have a whinge at other individual choices, such as wearing chinos or having a piece of gucci kit attached to one's webbing?
  10. ... which is why you can hold him completely responsible for it.
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  11. Irony.

    Not whinging, just curious.
  12. Let's be above-board on this. We have to look at the adoption process we utilized to get to the end-point. We did not utilize back of envelope planning to come to this conclusion. The phraseology being bandied about is an absolute must if we aspire to become the big enchilada in this organisation. Those of us in this business boot-strapped the terminology to facilitate ourselves in order to cut the mustard amongst the hierarchy of the big boys. If we started to de-integrate the methodology we utilized to arrive at this moment in time, myself and the team would assuredly be re-inventing the wheel and it would be discovered that we are, to all intents and purposes and in all actuality, throbbers of the highest order.
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  13. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Misuse of "anniversary" is currently gripping my shit.

    "Six month anniversary", or, "two week anniversary" anyone?
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  14. Also a lot of people seen to be "cognisant" of things rather than the more mundane "aware" of them.

    A desire to appear intellectual?
  15. Just you wait until people around you start talking about 'silos'!!

    I got one dick to admit recently that he wasn't 100% sure what it meant.

    As i said - dick.