Discussion in 'Sappers' started by bobbyboozler, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. I am thinking of being an officer with the Royal Engineers but I want to specialise in the geo side of things. I was wondering if any one had any info about it and if they are a good bunch of guys and what chance I will have of actually getting in and doing what I want to.
  2. chimera

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  3. chimera

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  4. thanx already looked in to those was hoping to get a personal spin on it but thanx any way.
  5. as far as i can go there as a troopy - but you'll do YO sorts of things not GEO.

    Do one of the courses (survey/GI/etc) as a capt. - you get to do geo things, but usually you have to already be a sapper officer.

    The blokes i met at 42 and RSMS were all grand - i loved it there - for my short stay...

  6. Geo lads are all top notch blokes, but some of the rodneys had a very high opinion of themselves!!. I should know, I was a Field surveyor, now geo tech....I think! It used to be that rodneys had to do the troopies course at chatham first, and then if the wanted a career in geo, then they did the Army Survey Course at hermitage. I wouldn't have thought it's changed.
  7. Geo is one of the things that is expanding under the latest Defence Review. I know that there are concerted efforts to attract recruits into the Geo side of things so I should imagine that the same will hold true for officers...
  8. chimera

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    It hasn't.