Officer wears fallen soldier's medals

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Tarkwa, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Unbelievable (or maybe not!).

    Officer prosecuted for wearing fallen soldier

    Johannesburg - The incumbent new commander of the Durban Light Infantry is being prosecuted because he allegedly wore a fellow soldier's medals at an official parade, Beeld reported on Monday.

    Lieutenant –Colonel Sibusiso Amos Mbuyazi, 42, reportedly wore the unit's deceased's chaplain's Southern Cross and Pro Patria medals and his John Chard Decoration for impeccable, continuous service (30 years), when he received his rank at a Pretoria parade on 22 August.

    Durban Light Infantry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    But "I was framed" I was framed, says top officer - Crime & Courts | IOL News |

    “I just put my tunic on. I don’t look down. If there were other medals there, someone must have put them there,” he said

    But Mbuyazi said he was framed. “I have six medals, one for 10 years’ service, another for 20 years’ service. I can’t remember what the others were for".
  2. .
    Being a Sapper I quite like the sound of that John Chard Decoration.
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  3. I see he's played the race card.
  4. "I can't remember what the others were for"

    Surely if something's that forgettable it's not worth a medal?
  5. Bing! I knew that sounded familiar. Any of you farmers care to confirm that the JC medal is named for the OC Rorkes Drift.
  6. The medals were stolen from a case where they were displayed at the unit. It appears our hero is a little light fingered as well as being a bloody fibbing walt. Which professional soldier is unable to remember what each medal was awarded for, or how many he has?
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  7. Me. I've got two at the end that just arrived in the post. Did nothing to earn them.
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  8. What a cock
    Personally I think the just being there medals might as well stay in the draw, don't tell the septics. Didn't earn any in green and wouldn't wear the mickey mouse once in civ
  9. What a shock. In a country where the Minister of Health denies there is an AIDS epidemic.
  10. Spot in Arrsepedia for this walting mong?
  11. What's that got to do with it? Have the medals got AIDS?
  12. When they let the ANC take over the country, it's no surprise that they wind up promoting senior officers who are capable of such incredibly petty venality. I mean, good God. Stealing medals and walting around with them? Then his incredibly retarded excuse? And "I don't remember what the other medals were for???" Excuse me? What kind of system allows an assclown of this magnitude to become the CO of a regiment? Hmmmmm...maybe a system run by ANC cronies. Zimbabwe, move over and make room for the next post-colonial disaster story.
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  13. It's not as if the US military is without its own scumbags:

    Rotten Rose Petals in War

    How did this Sinclair guy get to be a general?



    Read more:
  14. A couple of things struck me about the above:

    How old is the SANDF? - I ask because I wonder how this prize specimen could have "20 years' service"....surely to God he wasn't in the SADF?

    It's a bit rich to be playing the race/discrimination card when he's just been made CO of the regiment.

    Based on the photograph which accompanies the article he should be charged with impersonating an officer.