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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Morty, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Somehow I ended up with a degree after three years of late nights, cheap beer at the union and inexperienced birds 'broadening their horizons'. Now I want to join the Army as a soldier, eventually I want to be a Special Observer in the RA. However, everyone (parents, Army Careers advisers) is against the idea and reckons because I went to uni I should go in as an officer. I cannot put my finger on why I do not think it is right for me, it's just a gut feeling that it ain't right for me. The only things which attract me to the job are the salary and the prestige, neither of which I feel are good enough reasons for being a British Army Officer. But am I being a d*ck or naive or what?
    So what about some informed oppinons. What would anyone else do? Any interesting abuse greatly appreciated.
  2. Join a good TA regiment as a soldier, see if you fit in, have a think about whether you would want all that comes with being an enlisted man full time, pros and cons, have a sneaky shufti at the whole officer deal, pros and cons, make your mind up that way....who knows, you may not even like any of it
  3. Why not give RCB a try and let them tell you if being an officer is right for you? They have a track record on the subject.
  4. with his current ambivalent attitude he would just fail, so it would be a waste of his time
  5. Fair point. I'm gonna stick to my guns.
  6. Have you ever met an officer (or indeed a soldier) and discussed what they do ? Bit premature to make the decision without knowing a few details first, eh ? It's not all straight off Blackadder.
  7. Well, its 50/50 and could leave you with only one remaining right answer. There is no obligation. If you stick to your guns you could just end up as disgruntled soldier telling your mates what might have been.
  8. Get a degree and be a gunner. Something wrong there.
  9. Go officer, without a doubt... you don't have to work as hard to get promotion, and you don't get smacked in the head for being a twat... if you´get yourself into the right REMF unit, it's just like lodging at the student bar with a good wage and you don't get kicked out when the clock strikes 22years ... magic eh!

    Mind you if it's soldiering your after... and you can cope with (or find a way around) the monotony of it (remember, you will age) ... you'll be much better off being a soldier.

    Not a lot of help, I know... but in truth, I'd say forget the job... find out who you want to hang out with... these people will be your family... if you get on with them and enjoy yourself, everything else will fall into place.
  10. just another thought...if you are in striking distance of London, join the HAC...plenty of university guys in the ranks there, and its one of the best TA units there is, plus it does surveillance and target aquisition for the arty, which is what you want to do.

    As stated earlier, I can't speak highly enough of the place, having found the infantry boring after a while, as the previous poster says, you will age! A year there will really help you decide, or could indeed totally put you off, in which case, no skin off your nose or the army's...

    You may find life in the ranks a little rough and or boring if you end up with people who are not interested in the same things as you are

    best of luck
  11. Slightly similar position to you myself, actually. Have A-Levels (average grades, B/C/D, nothing to get excited about) and am figuring out whether to join as an Aircraft Tech or an officer (figuring out which service to be an air tech in, too). Basically, i've done PRE-RCB and the like, but the way i see it is, soldiers to the work (mostly) and the trades, etc. Whilst the officers do the admin, unless your in the AAC or something, where you do some of the trade, but most eventually turn up at a desk. Basically, you need to figure out whether you want to get on with soldiering and be led, or be the leader and be charged with the overall care of your men.

    Feel free to disagree/constructively criticise this view, guys. It'll help me as much as morty! :)
  12. Morty,

    You have gained a degree and you can adequately express yourself in print. That probably puts you in the top quartile of our target population - which means that the Army will try to channel you towards a commission, or one of the more academic trades as a soldier.

    Do you want to use the skills you have developed in university? If yes, apply for a commission. If no, join the Corps that need academically gifted recruits; the AGC, REME or RLC.

    Your view of what soldiers and officers do on a daily basis is somewhat coloured! I suggest you take up the offers available to you through the ACIO - tell them you want to try for a commission and see what they show you. You can always change your mind later.

  13. Well I had 13 O' levels and 3 A's. I was forever being called a trouble maker, why? because I was sharpe and educated and could tell when the wool was being pulled. Lads thought I was great and would follow me anywhere. One troop commander caled me in and asked me what my ambitions were...I didnt have any. "Ah" he said, "thats where you will fail, had I considered a commision?" I laughed. 20 years later I wish I had..
  14. If your as clever as you make out you will not fit in if you "Dumb" yourself down, If you decide the officers life is not for you and prefer to work alongside the Men pick a Tech Trade, like mentioned Reme/RLC/Engineers (don't know why AGC was mentioned!).
    If you go with your instinct of RA you will soon get bored, Naafi Conversation can be boring if you can string a sentence together!
  15. This thread's generated an interesting and varied response. A lot of people (mainly people who, looking at the number of postings next to their names, know what they're talking about) have some quite strong oppinons on this. A point to bear in mind though is, just like the vast majority of the civvy population has no true idea what it is like being a soldier (commisioned or not), does the vast majority of non - graduates know what goes on at universities these days? Especially the 'lesser' universities (ones which may be easier to get into for whatever reason). Without trying to be falsely modest or any of that sh*t, it doesn't take a Stephen Hawking to get a degree these days. Yes, a certain amount of application is required to do well, but this can come in the form of interest for a more hands on subject, rather than pure intellect. An example would be the course I did, film making, of which I scraped through the theory side through basically copying my house mates stuff, but excelled in the actual 'doing' part of the course, thus balancing it out. What I'm basically trying to say is, fair enough, maybe the majority of men and women who apply for soldier entry into the British Army have not had the good fortune to be able to go to university, but this does not mean that, if given the chance, they too could do what I did.
    Army-hopeful, it seems the best course of action for people like us who want to pursue an Army career but cannot decide which avenue to follow, is to follow the majority of advice on this topic. No one has ruled out attempting to go for a commission just because you don't think it would be for you. Like Litotes says, you can always change your mind later. One of best pieces of advice seems to be from BaldricksBullet, who says, 'Foget the job...find out who you want to hang out with...', this seems like excellent advice and possibly something you will be able to suss out within a few days or weeks of starting whatever course of training you attempt, be it a Commission or Phase One/Two.
    This is possibly the biggest decision i've had to make so far, so cheers to all who have contributed some informed oppinions and advice. :D