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Discussion in 'Officers' started by MaxG, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Hello i am new to this forum so i am sorry if this is in the wrong place but basically i am thinking of joining the British Army as a Officer in the Royal Engineers and i know that once you finish at Sandhurst you can pick where you would like to be placed i.e 24 Commandos RE. And basically i have heard that if you join 24 Commandos or the Paras after 2 years you move to a new unit is this true and if so does that mean that you would move to say a different commando unit or does it mean that you would then go to another Engineer support group like the Paras Engineer regiment.
  2. You would select Royal Engineers and hopefully get accepted.

    If it is like the RA, you then choose your regiment when on your RE Young officers course (like Phase 2 training for officers after Sandhurst). You could choose 24 Regt (if that's a Commando Engineer Regt) and they may have a space and you would go there, complete the AACC and then serve your tour with them. The length of a RE Officer tour is probably about 2 years and then you would go to another Regiment - possibly another Cdo, possibly the Para Engineers regt (if you ask), possibly not - I am unsure of the RE officer career progression (for example, you may need to do a stint at soldier training as a Troop Commander, or something NOT at Regimental Duty).

    You would progress through your tours, completing job types, working towards Adjt and promotion to major.
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