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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by grumpybear, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. I have just had to buy my service dress for the Remembrance Parade last Sunday which I was very happy to as it is an honour to take the salute, But I find it strange that as a TA Officer I have to fund my Mess Dress and my Service Dress and all that goes with it, but not be allowed to claim any allowance like a Regular Officer can. I believe all I am allowed to claim is £1.00 a week uniform up keep or so my pay clerk tells me.

    Can anyone shed any light on this
  2. If you do a search I think you'll find this one has been done before on this forum. However, you can claim a one off grant to assist purchase of mess dress, service dress etc. However, its only a couple of hundred pounds so doesn't fund sparkly new stuff! Your clerk may not know about it because it isn't on JPA. You have to fill in a real form on real paper.
  3. Argh thank you, you would happen to know where this form is would you as all my clerk does is tells me everything is on JPA lol
  4. One off grant on commissioning approx £300 and an annual allowance which I believe amounts to £25 - £30 but I could be wrong.
  5. We seem to be getting a promotion uniform grant now too, might just be on promotion to field rank but all gratefully received!
  6. Anyone know how long after commissioning that grant is valid for? Like, if we put it off for ages can we still get help with mess kit costs?
  7. Should in theory be available all through your commissioned career
  8. how many times per year do the TA actually wear service/mess dress?

    probably not worth getting a tailored set; best to get 2nd hand and altered!
  9. How do we go about getting second hand? Is there some sort of trading place?
  10. the RLC has a dead officers' shop at Deepcut that always has around 10 sets of each in; don't know about other capbadges?
  11. RSA maybe?
  12. Why do Officers recieve a Mess Dress allowance when us OR's have to fund our own Mess Dress???
  13. Mess dress 4 times a year, service dress 20 -25 a year. About the same as most regs.
  14. Good point. Still as an LE it was nice to get the grant for kit I already had.