Officer Transferees into the Paracute Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bosscat, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question,have had a bit of a look around and couldn't find anything relating to this,the question
    is,would Officer Transferees into the Paracute Regiment have to do P coy regardless of rank or is it a question
    of only certain ranks of the Officer Corps having to complete it?

    My reason for asking is:- H Jones was already a Lt Col when he transferred in from the Devon and Dorsets in 1979,would he or indeed did he undertake and pass P coy? I am pretty sure the collective knowledge from Arrsers will be able to enlighten me,cheers.
  2. A quick google search of images reveals he had jump wings, so I would expect he did P Coy too. I know you can do the former without the latter, but he's not a padre or surgeon, he was an infantry Officer in command of airborne infantry, so my guess is Yes, he did it. I wouldn't have thought his rank and post would allow him to be excused it.
  3. IIRC he had done P Coy and an attached tour as a Lt in the '60s
  4. Righto lads, the Coy mission is to parachute in to this location, smash up the enemy, tab to this location and take this objective... happy? Good, I'll be coming 5 hours later in a Landy. Carry on CSM.

    Don't think that would work.
  5. X59

    X59 LE

    Why would that not work ?

    Although I'm a great believer in 'leading by example', it's not always the best move to direct things from the front.
  6. As he went on to prove.
  7. H Jones came to 3 Para in the 60's from the D&D after passing P Coy and qualifying for his wings at RAF Abingdon
  8. There is an officer, who might still be serving, who completed P Coy (All Arms - he was in a frightfully proper Regt) as a Lt Col - and not too young a one at that. Pretty fine effort if you ask me.
  9. to what end?
  10. Because he was commanding a unit that was resubordinated to 5X.

    Am I seeing double or are there 2 of these threads running? Confused.
  11. Paracute Regiment? Is this the army gone fluffy?
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  12. Yeah sorry about that I fucked the title up and it wouldn't let me edit it,so I did it again.
  13. My pisspoor attention to detail - missed the spelling differences cute to chute!
  14. Lets look at your question to see how bone it really is shall we.

    Apart from purely ceremonial titles, the Regiment requires only Officers up to the rank of Lt Col.

    It is reasonable to assume that most Para Officers of the rank Maj/lt Col are "home grown".

    It is also reasonable to assume that "transfers in" are rare a sthe Paras have never had much trouble recruiting.

    So any transfer in would be very much a case of a buyers market (with the Regt being the buyer).

    So why on earth would the Paras drop their standards for a "transfer in", particularly for a relatively senior officer who would be taking a promotion palce away from one of their own?

    Equally, what would the Paras, and the wider Army, think of a "leader" in the Regt who had not "proved" his merit to stand as an equal with his men.
  15. More recently Brig Paul Gibson (CO 1 Para in Kosovo) and a Brigade Commander in Iraq was late Royal Scots, and Colonel Stuart Tootal who commanded 3 Para in Helmand was an ex Queens Own Highlander. All had to do P company.
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