Officer Transferees into the Parachute Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bosscat, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question,have had a bit of a look around and couldn't find anything relating to this,the question
    is,would Officer Transferees into the Paracute Regiment have to do P coy regardless of rank or is it a question
    of only certain ranks of the Officer Corps having to complete it?

    My reason for asking is:- H Jones was already a Lt Col when he transferred in from the Devon and Dorsets in 1979,would he or indeed did he undertake and pass P coy? I am pretty sure the collective knowledge from Arrsers will be able to enlighten me,cheers.
  2. To wear the maroon berry you must pass P-coy.
  3. Shame. Calling H Jones a walt. Whether he did P Coy or not (I don't honestly know) he did nothing to shame the Lid.
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  4. I take it you wear you're maroon berry with pride then
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  5. If you were seconded or transferred in to take up an infantry officer's post in the days when it was 5AB Brigade then you had to take P Coy unless you were a Marine officer there for infantry experience.
  6. I can't see the Paras allowing anyone, officer or not, to wear the Red Beret if they had not done P Company. A possible exception may be if he has been 22 SAS previously.
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    To post in this thread, you must know what you're talking about. Go away.
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  8. In the grand overall scheme of things does it really ******* matter whether he did or not. Two things are for certian, he was the CO and he died.

    Now what ever happened afterwards to discuss whether he was a hat etc is really ******* troll like. The man won a VC. do you not think there were people on a higher pay band than you finding this info out to present to the Queen for her authorisation?

    More importantly will it change the price of fish?
  9. OH **** off.

    Half of 16x are not para trained but wear a Marron beret.
  10. You really dont have a scooby do you? to further your edumacation anyone attached to 16 AA can wear the maroon beret fat chicks included same same Hereford, the only place where you cant wear the beret just because you are posted is 3 Cdo Bde, there you have to have earned it first
  11. I just liked the way the OP called it ' the pataCUTE battalion!' lol
  12. Could someone rename this the

    Paracute Marron Berry thread ?

    I weep for the ******* future......
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  13. Spoken with knowledge gained from experience!

    Well done Oyibo.......pity these snot gobbling cadets & civvy untermenschen, that post so much verbal puke one here, don't appreciate that!

    Don't you just love the Marron Berry & Paracute regiment? Jeez!!!!!!
  14. He had previously served with 3 PARA for a couple of years in the mid/late '60s, as a Capt, commanding the Mortar Platoon (yikes!). I would assume he must have done P Coy to be able to be attached to a parachute battalion for that long. The books I got this information from, Goose Green and The Last Eleven?, both by Mark Adkin, don't specifically mention it though. But Adkin does mention several other officers in 2 PARA who weren't originally Para Reg:

    Maj Hugh Jenner, OC Support Coy, who came from the Cheshires after passing P Coy at age 36
    Maj Phil Neame, OC D Coy, originally from the RAF Regt

    He doesn't mention that Maj Chris Keeble, the 2IC, was originally commissioned into the Leicesters in 1963 and transferred to Para Reg in 1971.

  15. Oi Knob Cheese...........

    Guess what those non Para trained are known as...................I'll give you a clue

    Its not Paracute, Marron or Berry!
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