Officer Transfer Pre/Post ICSC(L)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by major_malcontent, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    New Arrser here. I just came off the recent beige list and am scoping the possibility of a transfer to the Int Corps.

    Before i go 'formal' with my application, i have a few questions;

    How easy is the process to transfer?
    (if successful) What ET would I have to complete prior to initial appointment?
    Are transferees (at this level) well received and well supported and is it possible to compete for jobs with 'true' Int Corps Offrs?

    I have a normal (grad) background with a healthy mix of Regt Duty, Staff and Instr posts behind me, both ops, UK & Ge.

    Any help or assistance gratefully received.
  2. NTTT,

    I'd get your reply in early, before the usual suspects take this gentleman for a harsh ride.
  3. Thank you Rose and Pose - and a fair point!

    Major Malcontent,

    A lot will depend on your previous Int/G2/J2 experience and other skills you can bring to the Corps. Our preference is for those with some background from Combat and Combat Support. You would probably have to undergo the Junior Officer Course prior to posting.

    Transferees of the right quality are very welcome. One such transferee is currently Director so there is the potential to get to the top.

    An informal call to SO2 OM (94649 2734) will provide you with the details of the process of transfering without obligation to notify your own chain of Command at this stage. However, on the grounds that there should be an Intelligence Corps officer somewhere near you, I suggest to speak to him/her informally to get a feel for the Corps.
  4. Wise words mate

    Now we have a response from NTTT....
    READY !! in your own time, watch and shoot, watch and shoot.
  5. what's your current capbadge? :)
  6. What's a beige list? What's this got to do whth a Spielberg film? What's this pish about 'true' Int Officers?
  7. It's the DHE catalogue of approved colours for getting your Qtr redecorated.

    In the Navy it's known as the blue list, you might also have heard of the pink list as well? Just don't go there....
  8. The Corps has a relatively high LE:DE officer ratio and also has some very fine transferees, both commissioned and non- (I leave it as an exercise for the reader to assess whether the writer of this particular piece was a transferee or a direct enlistee).

    Many of our best DE officers have been transferees and will get treated no worse by the evil and cynical senior NCOs, Warrant Officers and Late Entry Officers who dominate the Corps than their direct entrant colleagues.

    We pride ourselves on being lovely to our Sandhurst-trained chaps and chapesses and render them huge respect, verging on worship. Just ask subbsonic, he's an enormous Sandbags groupie.
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Blimey, it didn't used to be that exciting!

    Slightly more seriously, there is a strong tradition of DE officers transferring in to the Corps for a range of reasons and doing very well. If you've got something the Corps want, then the fact that you aren't a 'pureblood' won't do you any harm.
  10. depends if you're any good sir :)
  11. If I live long enough to get my daughter through the cruddyest comprehensive in the county, I suppose she could have a crack at the sword of honour 8)
  12. "The Corps has a relatively high LE:DE officer ratio and also........."

  13. MM,

    I have sent you a PM (Private Message). Drop me a line.
  14. Don't do it MM, CS's intent on grooming you for unpleasant things. She's not in, despite what she says and only hangs around here looking to get vulnerable members of the Corps (and potentials!) to lock in her cupboard under the stairs 8O
  15. In my attic actually, which is in my shop. My local shop. For local people.