Officer training

I am 37 and in a TA unit.

I was previously in a regular in the army and gained a degree at University after leaving.

Can I apply to be an officer or am I to old?
Normally you will be too old, however if you want to join a unit that is a specialist and with a huge need for someone of your skills base then maybe you will be allowed.

But dont bother to hold your breath.

However if you are a senior (CSgt or WO2+ ) then you could do the LE route.

Do a search for a thread by 'The Black Shamrock' on TAPO and DETAPO and it will give a far better answer.

The search button is your friend......................
Depending on Corps, you can apply for LE at various stages, you no longer have to be WO. IIRC 5 years exemplary service with a recommendation from CO, you must be 35 years or older too.
Johnny, suggest that you ask at a proper recruiting office, there may be exceptions and FTRS Commisisons that you can get. I know of one in R Sigs.
b. Soldier Entry.

(1) Personnel with a min of 9 years experience and at least 2 annual reports in SNCO rank may be considered for selection for a soldier entry commission.

(2) Officers will commission in the rank of Captain.

(3) Officers will serve a further probationary period of 12 months from date of selection for commission during which they must attend the LEOC before their commission is confirmed. Seniority for subsequent promotion will be from the point at which an officer successfully completes their probation period.

(4) DM(A) is the authority for commissioning policy, AOSB the functional authority for commissioning acceptance standards. Comdt RMAS is the authority for the award of a commission.

There is more on this but this is what I found after a quick search, the rules changed last year to the above, speak to your adjutant via CoC and he should (unlike my old one) be able to give you the correct answer.

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