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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by GeordieSteve, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. In the process of doing Phase One training at the moment but starting to consider enquiring about Officer Training.

    I think this is done at Sandhurst. Does anyone have anymore information about the requirements, training (physical and mental) and time dedication you need to pursue this route in the TA?

  2. BuggerAll

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    This has been discussed many time before - do a search.
  3. most of them are about what attributes you need to have.
    Not the time commitment. :(
  4. i am about to start my training in total it takes between 18-24months start to finish (inc. Phase 1) time at Sandhurst is 3 weeks. there are 5 modules to complete. 1-2 are basic stuff 3 is leadership skills 4 is at RMAS 5 is post comission training.

    You need to do AOSB Briefing and AOSB I think before module 3 tho.

    Have a look on the offical TA website theres all the info you need on there. Or ask a new subbie at your unit for a first hand account (probably the best bet).

  5. Does anyone have any idea how hard the numerical reasoning aspect of the psychometric tests are?

  6. Psychometric tests? Blimey - they didn't have those in my day.

    To ask how 'hard' psychometric tests are is not really appropriate - they are designed to measure inate skills and as such the good ones will have a sliding scale of 'difficulty'. Psychometric tests are assessment tools - not pass/fail tests. You cannot prepare, study or revise for them as such, so all you can really do is have a bash.

    Even if some details of officer selection have been updated recently, assessment of a candidate's potential is still very likely to be made on a broad range of criteria. Therefore, even if you're not mathematically minded or are worried about that particular test, you should not let it deter you from having a go. 8)
  7. PM sent.
  8. OK, this post is a bit misleading.

    The time that it takes depends entirely on how much you can commit to and which courses you do (i.e. weekend module 2/3 courses will take longer than condensed courses). Some people have done it in 6 months from joining to commissioning (by doing summer leader) but some will take years. You will get the most accurate information through your chain of command; ask one of the junior officers in your unit for more information.

    Module 2 doesn't cover "basic stuff" and module 3 isn't just "leadership skills". Once again, ask one of the junior officers at your squadron/company for more information.

    As for AOSB, you don't have to do it before module 3. However, I would strongly recommend that you do. I have known people who have completed module 3 with the intention of commissioning a couple of months later, but failed AOSB.

    These are very similar to the numerical reasoning tests in things like the GMAT. There are plenty of books available to train you for these tests. With training they're not that difficult, but may be quite a big hurdle for somebody that hasn't studied maths for some time.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the GMAT. My University has these tests; I passed the Critical Thinking/Reading Comprehension and Verbal with ease... The Maths, well, I failed that miserably.

    I'm going to need more practice.

  10. I've recently been informed by a chap from 6 Rifles who stated that TA AOSB isn't as hard* as regular AOSB, is there any validity to this claim?

    * by hard he suggested that one isn't expected to perform as well on the AOSB as opposed to a candidate going in for a regular commission.

    I was originally under the supposition that they were/are structurally parallel to one another, the difference being that the TA Main Board & AOSB are completed in one chunk; as opposed to the separation of the aforementioned for regular entry.

  11. I thought they were 1 in the same, no difference between them. there used to be RCB(TA) then go on the do TACB but now there is just AOSB for both Reg and TA. Both should be at tthe same level of difficulty as your are trying for a QC.
  12. When I did it the name had been changed to AOSB but there was still a distinction between TA and reg. We didn't do a full PFT, only the MSFT (multi-stage fitness test, or beep test) but we were grilled a bit more on our military knowledge. I was asked to list the principles of war for example.

    They have now properly merged them and they are identical.
  13. Thanks for the clarification chaps.
  14. had some paperwork yesterday and its still the MSFT :) 10.5 on the bleep test
  15. Indeed, but you now do press-ups and sit-ups too, making it a PFT (now called PFA) rather than just being an MSFT.