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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Mike444, Feb 20, 2005.

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  1. I was speaking t a SGT in the signals the other day and the topic of officer training arose. He was saying that officers in the signals have to do a tour within every job in the sigs. He also said they take a back seat during this training and learn the jobs through the eyes of the soldiers. This seemed a good way for an officer to learn the trades as well as the soldiers. Just wondering if other regiments are the same or what do they do instead.
  2. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Not strictly accurate. It is true that R SIGNALS Special to Arm training for officers covers all aspects of R SIGNALS comms, and yes, they do have to start with the basics, like learning how to operate a radio and be a detachment member on exercise, before they are taught how to plan and manage a combat radio system.

    As for postings, there is no policy (that I am aware of) that says that an officer must complete a tour in every type of Signal Regt.

    Anyone else know differently?
  3. MS_Rep has it about right.

    Never quite heard of what Mike444 is talking about, unless the Sgt was referring to an exercise during Offr training, where the Offr students perform the job tasks as tradesmen.

    Thought he wanted REME Armourer or RMP anyway.
  4. Utter nonsense and not true. It would be impossible for an officer to do a tour in every job within their Corps/Regt - they would have no time left to command men and learn to be an officer.

    However, as for sitting back and learning from your men that its a wise move; a little humility goes a long way. It is not the same as doing their jobs for them, which is not feasible or desirable.

    Are you a journalist Mike444 or is this just a stupid question?
  5. At my first unit many moons ago, we had a few trainee officers come through the regt. It was a good a laugh watchin em gettin the sh!t jobs.

    What ? you mean pull that trailer on its side and scrub the springs ? surely not.

    Get it done nobba !