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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by HH_2, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. In or were in the OTC and planning to go to RMAS?

  2. In or were in the OTC and planning to go into the TA?

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  3. Never been in the OTC at all?

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  1. After reading some of the responses on the current affairs "officer training corps cuts" thread I thought I'd stick a thread in here to see how many people who are planning to join are in the OTC and whether they thought it has been useful to them in preparing for AOSB and RMAS..............................

    Could be interesting for those of us who don't really know much about the OTC. I'm going to RMAS having been at a uni with a large OTC but never been interested in joining, and suddenly some of the responses I've read suggest I might be at quite a disadvantage over some people having not done OTC?
  2. I was never in the OTC, although I am regreting that now having done sweet fa in my 4 years of degree.

    I'm in totally the same boat as you HH_2, but I invision they'll want to teach us everything to Sandhurst way, not the half-effort-probably-drunk OTC way!
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Actually, UOTC training is directed and validated by Sandhurst and OTCs are under the functional control of Commandant RMAS. FWIW, OTC instructors - regular PSIs and TA officers, many of whom are ex-regulars - are entitled to wear the same 'Serve to Lead' RMAS name badges as the academy staff. You can save the attitude until you've actually been commissioned. ********.
  4. Hold your horses there cpunk. Speaking of attitude where did that snarky comment come from?

    My impressions of the OTC were that it's a standard university extra-curricular club except that it is operated by the Army. Everyone I've spoken who has been in it has said it was a massive booze cruise, so I don't think the stereotypes I was drawing on where that too far fetched. I wasn't talking about the staff at OTC, so save your snappy returns and chill the hell out.
  5. Oh dear. I'm sure a glittering career awaits you EW. But perhaps not as an Army Officer.
  6. Jesus 'H' Christ... I have literally no idea what to say to that. If you can denote that I am going to fail at achieving my goal of being an Army Officer purely from 1 forum post that you have read, then you have an ability I surely lack. I'm not going to sit here and let people comment like that from a misunderstood post. My comment was made with the knowledge of people who have been through OTC and those TA solders/officers who serve in the same barracks as my nearest OTC. So I don't think my opinion of the aforementioned cadets was too far from the mark.

    I'm quite happy with my involvement in this forum and think I regularly contribute accurately and helpfully, which is as much as one can really do on a forum. Judge away.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    But, as you've never been a member of an OTC you don't actually know. Re-read your post: you suggested that instructors at OTCs operate half-drunk at half-effort. You are incorrect. Here's some free advice: when you go to Sandhurst, try to avoid speculating about subjects you know fuck all about, particularly if you are doing it in a negative way. You'll save yourself some grief.
  8. Well I think to be fair, that you are quite wide of the mark. I can't comment on what OTC you've seen, but mine it is very much a work hard play hard mentality. Yes, we enjoy the occasional lash up, but only on occasions(Dinner nights/cocktail parties); Drill nights/Field Weekends are not heavy drinking sessions at all, just a few pints with your friends after the training is done.
    As to training, obviously we aren't fully trained soldiers/officers yet it is a very good grounding in what army life, especially your time at RMAS, will be like. Also, when I'm off to RMAS, I am going to be extremely glad that I already have been taught and have some vague understanding of the combat estimate and orders!
  9. Correct or not Exwing's comments are a pretty good reflection of how the vast majority of students view the OTC and illustate well why it has an overall negative PR impact for the Army in general and the TA in particular.
  10. Thank for the advice, but I can assure you that my post was directed at the Cadets rather than the Instructors. I may have implied that the training methods reflected the more relaxed nature of the OTC compared to RMAS, but certainly never made a negative mention of the instructors themselves.

    You may have misinterpreted my post, but I certainly don't think I deserved being called a "********", and having my character insulted. I wouldn't say that I knew "**** all" about the OTC either, I'd say I have enough knowledge to make a post such as the one I did. You don't see me calling out the cost-benefits of the OTC, or the OTC-Officer recruitment figures, because I don't know them.

    I've passed my Main Board now, and appreciated the advice I received on this forum, and am now using my experience of the recruitment process to hopefully assist other candidates. A hobby that I am enjoying, and doing well at. If you want to call me a "********" I have a private message system, if you want to add your knowledge and experience to this thread, then lets leave this trivial banter and get back on topic.
  11. Bailey - Thank you, that is what I mean, a stereotype exists for a reason. I'm sure there are OTC's that are incredibly hard working, however, the OTC from my University had a reputation, and that was for drinking heavily and annoying their TA unit.
  12. Was in the OTC, am in the TA and have been to Sandhurst. Theres no option there for people who have gone regular and into the ranks, having been in an OTC. Yes it does happen.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Quick hint - his is way more extensive than yours, and also current. Save the chippy attitude. It doesn't reflect well on you, and will lead to a very uncomfortable time at RMAS, let alone if you ever get to serve as a Pl/Tp Comd.
  14. Exwing - You seem to have a massive grudge about the OTC, and yet the irony is that at RMAS you'll probably be wanting the help of ex-Ocdts.

  15. Exwing - your posts are hilarious; going toe to toe with CPunk on a topic you know nothing about is priceless. I'm a bit concerned that you don't like being called a '********'. If you're that thin skinned, you will have a very unhappy time at RMAS and as a subaltern. But, thanks for the lunch time giggle. :)