Officer Training Corps faces the axe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    January 24, 2010
    Officer Training Corps faces the axe
    Jonathan Oliver and Michael Smith

    British Marines of 40 Commando Royal Marine during a military exercise near Limassol, Cyprus
    THE Ministry of Defence is drawing up emergency cuts including the scrapping of the Officer Training Corps (OTC) and the withdrawal of troops from Cyprus.

    The dire state of the defence budget also means that new Nimrod spy planes, costing £3.6 billion and due to come into service next week, will be parked in their hangars.

    Other cuts, expected to be unveiled in the next two months, include:

    - Closing up to three airbases
  2. Wrong post!
  3. Wellll. If we don't make cuts somewhere how will we finance Indias Nuclear Arsenal and Manned Space Program with Foreign Aid.
    Come on.
    Be reasonable!
  4. It looks like someone has seen a copy of the PR09 / PR10 "summary of options list" which will show a lot of options that appear hugely awful (such as scrapping XYZ) - this does not mean that they are taken, it means they have been costed to show how much could be saved if they were taken.
    As soon as the costing is done, 99% of them get switched off for wider reasons - however its a great document to leak to get support for one cause or another!
  5. OTC to go, bout bloody time.
  6. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Except about 40% of the Sandhurst intake comes form OTCs. Close it down and we have a recruiting problem for new officers...

    Cause and effect...

  7. They'd probably come anyway.

    As the article notes, most members of the OTC's have nothing to do with the armed forced after they leave Uni so it begs the obvious question, are they just MOD subsidized big boys clubs?
  8. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am not convinced they would "probably come anyway" but clearly I cannot prove this.

    I take your point regarding many of ex-OTC not having anything to do with the Army after Uni, but the reality is these individuals head into civvi street with a background knowledge of what the Army is about and a favourable attitude to the forces in general. In a society which is generally lacking in knowledge about life in the military (despite media coverage of afghanistan and Wooten Bassett), anyone we have out there with some experience is important IMHO.

    I am not ex-OTC but have met many people in it and ex-OTC. They all enjoy/enjoyed it and look at it as a positive experience. Alongside ACF and CCF, this is a good thing and cutting OTC and/or aCF/CCFs to save money would be short-sighted and unhelpful. A short while ago, the PM was saying membership og ACFs/CCFs should be expended as it would be good for society (I don't agree with much he syays but on this one, I think he is right) extension, OTCs should be seen as the same. The fact MOD then cut funding to cadets is almost laughable if it was not so sad and shortsighted.
  9. Nail.Hit Head.

    The OTC is ACF for students, but...

    The OTC is not just about graduate recruitment, but to foster an understanding of the Army to those who will be civvy managers and business leaders in the future.

    It costs £82m a year, roughly the same as all the cadet forces combined. You couldn't buy much positive PR for that any other way, especially for such an odd fish as the Army.

    I say the same to all my cadets heading off for Uni, regardless of their career aspirations, go for UOTC or URNU or even UAS*. As its Cadets for Students, cheap beer, and they pay you for it!

    *Although, I think you have to convince them you intend to join the RAF after your course
  10. I think that OTC's are a good thing. Even if the students dont go on the join up, it teaches people that will maybe end up in the city or high fliers a little about the Military and its workings; it helps with understanding and respect.

    Yes, its also a feed in to Sandhurst, but more importantly teaches military ethics and team building.

    I have been a guest at Bristol OTC quite a few times, they are a good bunch; it would be a sad loss i feel.
  11. yet 60% seem to make it to RMAS sans OTC help....

    And the bit about colouring the views of civvies with a green tint is (IMHO) B0110x.
  12. CF I completely agree, its tiered to people who are more affluent financially. The students that are from a background with no money would not be able to afford or take part in the OTC. I met with a group of OTC. Everyone was from a background of daddys money. It is an expensive drinking club in uniforms.
  13. I've got to take issue with this one. The OTC attracts people who've either a) a pre-existing interest in the Army, the best of whom would go for it anyway and b) fancy doing something a bit different in their down time while at Uni; only very few of these latter would be converted to go reg or TA after graduation.

    As to the importance of getting military-friendly people into the business community, take a look on the TA forum about the difficulties reservists have getting and keeping jobs when their employers know they're liable for call-up. The OTCs have been around for a long time - where's the payoff in that respect?

    I'd argue that in my time the respect for and interest in the armed forces only arose because of the interest the general public showed in current ops and would have come about with or without the OTCs. The resistance from employers hasn't noticeably diminished, despite their presence.
  14. Maybe able to free up, vehicles, ammo, fuel,clothing, PSI, for the army, Brilliant.
  15. Transfer the budget to the TA. Any students interested could join TA, do the training and be exempt compulsory call-up for Ops for initial 3/4 years whilst they are studying. Of course, on completion of their degrees they will still be eligible for call-up in an emegency unlike majority of OTC types who walk away saying "cheers easy".

    It would still give an avenue and admin cover for those at Uni on Bursaries/cadetships.