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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ArrseWipe, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. Hey,

    I'm about to start my application.

    I know the "basic" differences between Officer rank and Soldier rank and I think I've decided on going for Soldier because I have no interest in leading others and think I'd be more effective as a soldier personally.

    Can some of you highlight from your experience, the practical, social, day to day differences between the two ranks? What are the pros and cons of both ranks?

  2. Arrsewipe,

    If you have no interest in leading others, you will be fuck all use as a Soldier if you ever get promoted.

    Put (very) simply, Officers plan, Soldiers do.

  3. It started off bad with the salutation "Hey", it went down hill when he revealed he couldn't be bothered to do a bit of elementary research on his future career. He's now plumbing the depths by stating that he has no drive or willingness to get something done.

    I suspect he has a career at McDonalds beckoning.
  4. Edited to improve brevity & accuracy.
  5. Oh dear arsewipe what an appropriate name. A name which also makes me suspect you are another ARRSEr trying a "WAH!" (which for the record I don't do, as I left the school playground many, many years ago).

    It's now quite boring and un-original to do which highlights you as a fucktard and O2 thief.

    If you are an original poster and your first post was sincere then you are still a fucktard and O2 thief. Do some research (On ARRSE and the Army) then rejoin ARRSE under a different username. Alternatively join the RAF, they do dictatorship not leadership.
  6. Don't mention it!:)
  7. Poor Aarsewipe asks a perfectly reasonable question & he's subjected to ridicule!

    Come on lads, its his first nice.

    Aarsewipe, for a start, isn't a real Orrificers name. You would need to change it to Rupert, Tarquin, Jeremy, Rodney or something along those lines. You get the drift?

    Aarsewipe as a Common soldiers name......No, no no!
    Unless you want to be in the Pie n Ear Corps of course.
    You need a proper name, like Bert, Chalkie, Nobby, Cruncher or Knob Jockey, if you want to be a real soldier.

    As for Officers being Leaders....well, some are, but they are very rare.
    A lot of them can't be trusted with a map. & if you can't navigate....well!!!!
    The Real Leaders in the Army are the JNCO's, SNCO's & Warrant Officers!

    & Guess where they come from....yes!!!! the Common Soldier.

    So if you don't want to lead, become an Officer!
  8. Is this kid for real? He's not even bright enough to be a wedgie!
  9. Is the Army really brimming with so many self-righteous cunts who feel arbitrarily somewhat more intelligent because they can rehash the same generic catchphrases over, and over again?

    All I did was ask a reasonable question. And so what if I don't want to lead others, surely thats true for many - it essentially means I'd rather actually do something myself.

    Maybe a job in McDonalds would be better.
  10. You tell em mate!
  11. I never used words like "self-righteous" when I was a nig. This guy is surely officer material.
  12. So we rehash the same generic catchphrases. Don't join the Army if you don't want to lead. Can you not get the hint? Or are you as thick as a whale omelette? Leading and actually doing something (as you put it) are not mutually exclusive, far from it - Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Military Operations | Captain Daniel Shepherd killed in Afghanistan
  13. To put it another way, you don't come across as the type of person who is suitable for for either role. If you can't convey your meaning properly in written English then officer isn't for you. But still, you don't seem to create the impression in folk's minds that they'd want you in their team.

    Now that you've made a bad first impression, you can try again if you like or just take your chances down the careers office. Or call wah, which will have fallen spectacularly on its face.