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Discussion in 'Officers' started by PanzerPaul, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone, I have a few officer rank slides. On the slides they have different colours (around the pips and crown), some are dark blue, light blue, red. Would anyone have any infomation on the colouring system?. :?

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. In the Regiment I am attached to:

    Light blue is worn on Mondays and Tuesdays
    Dark Blue for Wednesday and Thursdays

    Red is usually reserved for weekends.

    Other Regiments may have their own traditions, I have seen some opt for green at the start of the week.
  3. I would be careful of the information on that link. Although most of it is OK there are several colour links which seem highly unlikely (though I cannot provide an authorative reference). Also, the spelling is somewhat idiosyncratic!
  4. Thats what im looking for an authorative reference on the colours!. :)
  5. For a list of changes to Army Council Insructions (ACI) during WWII go to the libary and request a copy of 'British Army Uniforms & Insignia of World War Two' by Brian L. Davis ISBN 0-85368-609-2

    ACI 1118 of 1940 with later amendments lists as Officers Coloured Rank Backings.

    Staff - Red
    RAC - Yellow
    RA - Red
    RE - Blue
    R Sigs - Blue
    Infintry (Less Rifles) - Scarlet
    Rifles - Rifle Green with Black Centre
    Recon Corps - Creen (added by ACI 420 of 1941)
    RAChD - Black (changed to Purple with Black Centre by ACI 125 of 1941)
    RASC - Yellow
    RAMC - Dull Cherry
    RAOC - Dark Blue (changed to Red by ACI 2587 of 1941)
    CMP - Red
    RAPC - Yellow
    AEC - Blue (amended by ACI 905 of 1943)
    Air Defence Corps - Green
    AMPC - Red
    Int Corps - Green
    General List - Scarlet
    APTC - Black (added by ACI 660 of 1941)
    ACC - Gray (add by ACI 2587 of 1941)
    AAC - Cambridge Blue (added by ACI 905 of 1943) inc Glider Pilots & Parachute Regt
    REME - Dark Blue (added by ACI 905 of 1943)
    Pioneer Corps - Red (added by ACI 905 of 1943)
    MPSC - Red (added by ACI 313 of 1944)

    This would seem to be the basis of many of todays Officers Rank Backing.
    Bearing in mind amalgamations since 1945!

    ACI 905 was also the basis of post WWII BD Cloth Shoulder Title Colours and later on Lanyards as well.
  6. Thanks Mike_2817

    That confirms a lot of my experience/memory and it is most helpful to see the authorised list.
  7. Thanks for the information! :) much appro!


  8. That's not current. Each Regiment/ Corps has different colours.

    Those I know off the top of my head:

    PWRR: Bronze
    RGJ: Black
    RA: Black
    RGBW: White with Red Fringe
    Para/ SAS: White with light blue fringe
  9. Of course it is not currant. I wrote the basis.

    It is the colour backing (you call it fringe) that counts IF it is used:

    PWRR - Bronze - No Colour Backing

    RGJ - Black - Currant Practice

    RA - Black - Did use Red on older slides.

    RGBW - Red Backing - same as list (Infantry Regiments)

    Para/SAS Light Blue Backing - same as list (and Army Air Corps)

    Ciuurant practice with CS95 slides differ. MoD policy is plian pips & crowns.
    Some Regimental Slides still use colour backing with a Bronze or White centre. The whole pip was never one colour anyway... All Black pips/crowns are very commen now on DPM Slides.

    When we had Barrack Dress or where Officers still wear light coloured shirts, you will find the colour backings 'almost' the same as they were.
  10. RADC is green if you are interested, a very handsome shade of green it is too!
  11. Nice bum... :oops: :lol:

    I have found two sets officer rank slides here with the EiiR cypher on it, any ideas why the cypher would be on it??. :? :? one is a Colonel and the other is a Brigadier both are summer slides (I think!)....

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  12. Wouldnt this be just for Royal ADC's only?
  13. Thanks :) 'You win a cookie' ;)