Officer shagging SNCO

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Chicken_Lips, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm an officer. My (ex?)-GF is also an officer. We've been together for over 2 yrs and I felt things were going well. She's in a different Regt to me.

    She's told me that she has been sleeping with a SNCO from my Regt who I had viewed as a acquaintance/friend. Its been whilst I'm on exercise. He's sub-unit is based at the same bks as her and I'm 1hr away, so when I've been back from ex they've been up to all-sorts whenever they want.

    What do we reckon; pull her ejector handle or work on it?
  2. Dump the tramp ASAP.

    Can I get her Phone number?
  3. She is you EX girlfriend.

    Apply the service test, if you think it has been breached make a complaint via your Chain of Command. Simple.
  4. Cover her in petrol, and throw her a lit Zippo :threaten:
  5. Agreed.

    But I don't want her 'phone number, if it's all the same... :D
  6. C_L - sorry to say but I agree with CrapSpy here.

    PM me if you need to chat.
  7. Did you join just to whinge that you had been dumped !
  8. Why are you even asking? :slow:

    Bin her! Silly bitch.
  9. Do we get to read about it here first, or in the Sun?
  10. any raunchy pics of the saucy trollop?
  11. Go down the the local pub... Find an SNCO...
  12. Think this speaks volumes for ones powers of perception when one is in love :)
  13. dump the sl*t, then try and get revenge sex with her mother/sister!
  14. Not bitter or twisted perhaps?
  15. Say, nothing, burst her hoop into a thousand pieces, then throw the rancid tart out on her ear