Officer Service Dress Buttons

My boss has just asked me if I knew anywhere you could buy buttons for Service Dress - he has just changed his regiment. Can anyone help ?


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Tip - which regiment might help - most regimental RHQ's hold old sets of Officers kit - if you get stuck could try there - or Ebay :)

Baz Thanks - he has just left his regiment and is general staff now - I dont think they have a RHQ

Now he's tabbed will anyone: a) Notice b) Give a shyte that his buttons aren't GS?
I take it you mean badged 'General Service Corps' (Royal Arms on Button)

Any good military tailor will be able to supply,

Or try mail order from:

Meynell Avenue
LS26 0NU
West Yorkshire
Tel: 0113 282 6102
As he is now a full Colonel described as "Late the Loamshires/Corps of Philanderers etc".He retains his regimental service dress/mess kit/buttons and other such accoutriments except he now wears red tabs and the staff cap badge.
Naaaa he has gone from one Mess Kit to a red one - and his service dress gets red tabs but he has to change the buttons - it all seems a bit wierd to me - the QM stores doesnt help ..

Thanks for the uniformal tip

The Mess Dress should change to Staff Pattern too (although increasingly Colonels and above are retaining their original kit)

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