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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Master_yoda, Nov 26, 2003.

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  1. Hi I have just been put up of my TA Main Board or TCB as it was known,
    Can any one give me some advice on what I should expect e.g.
    The format of the weekend, things to look out for, things to say or not as the case my be, and any other general advice from your experiences.
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. I did TCB in August 2002 at Chilwell and to be fair it wasn’t that much of a bother. Casting my mind back you arrive on Friday night and get a brief about what is going to happen over the course of the weekend. You then go and sit various papers like the essay, general knowledge, mental reasoning etc, etc. The following morning you do another test which is mental aptitude. You then go onto discussion groups and discuss various topics of the week. After that there’s a wee bit of downtime while interviews are happening with team leaders, vice president, education officers and then if your unlucky the dreaded president. After that its off to do the individual command tasks such as dragging tyres around etc but since its all moved to Westbury you’ll more then likely do the Individual command tasks at Leighton House. Then you go onto leaderless command tasks then finally the planning task in the afternoon. After that more interviews will take place and you all knock off for about 5 o’clock. The following morning you’ll have more command tasks to do and then finally the final race. Then you all get tea and medals and its time to bomb burst home.

    Essentially I don’t think that it’s as random as people make it out to be and having spoken to people who were actually syndicate leaders on the RCB they have a lot of faith in the system. Although as we all know the system can fail at times. Nevertheless my advice for anybody who is intending to do the board and I know that it’s a bit of a cliché but do be yourself, look keen and enthusiastic and show the board that you want a commission and you shouldn’t do to badly. Having said all that the system is currently in overhaul as far as I’m aware so do take the above as a guide and not as gospel or you could potentially end up with egg on your face.
  4. Hi,
    Thanks for that,
    Can I just ask you said about a final race how far is this race over and how completive is it?
    Is it like a BFT?
    Thanks Again
  5. If the TCB Final Race is anything like the RCB Final Race, it's extremely competitive, but over before you know it. It'll either involve getting a trolley over a Trainasium-type structure, or moving a pallet (the dreaded 'burden') down a hill over a series of obstacles. Great fun, if the TCB thing is similar.
  6. so it nothing like a normal race or the bft then?

  7. Wot :!: :!: no sha**ing :?:
  8. Nope, nothing like a normal race or a BFT. Just a casual trot round a few green and red-painted obstacles, carrying some useless piece of scaffolding.
  9. DangerMouse

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    What do you mean 'in overhaul'? Is that just TCB, or RCB Briefing/RCB, too? Also, on the topic of RCB - does anyone know if RCB is planning on moving to the Former Army Staff College loc at RMAS, as rumours said they were (albeit about two years ago)?
  10. As far as I’m aware and this has started to occur already the whole of the TA commissioning course is in for change. I did the last of the old school course with two exercises and activities like South Downs Way. I’ve spoken to various people on the course after mine and the South Downs Way was canned in favour of a Endurance March with stands at various way points and one of the exercises was binned for a watch-keeping exercise. From what I have heard though the whole recruiting and selection procedure is changing as well. All officer training is being regionalised and phased and I believe that TAPC is being binned in favour of a series of weekends. I believe there will be three phases to the whole thing. Selection, Build Up Training and Preparation and then the TACC itself. Saying that it all could be a load of sh1t but I have heard this from a good source. So its more then likely to be true with regard to the new processes.
  11. Nothing is difficult on tcb......its just the way you react to the pressure that will decide whether you pass or fail.
    Do be fit
    Do sell yourself in the interviews
    Dont be shy to say follow me.........
  12. I have now been in rolled in a course for pre TCB prep and have just been on the first of seven weekends.
    We have spent the hole weekend looking and order and the combat estimate.
    Can any one tell me how this fits in to the TCB?
  13. It doesn't and it won't be addressed on the board.
  14. Although your spelling and grammer might be!!
  15. That wouldn't have been TACC in September 2002?