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Hi All,

This post may invite some ribbing, but I'd appreciate any sensible advice.

I've been in the TA for a few years, and did OTC at uni. Not yet 25, I'm considering applying for a commission. Ultimately after doing my time I would like to go for SF selection.

I was wondering what those of you out there with a lot of experience would suggest as a realistic time within an infantry regiment as a platoon commander, before proposing this to the adjutant?

It may sound like glory hunting, but I realistically would like to weigh up my options before going for it.

Largely agree with the above - get the ball rolling asap as it might be you get a deferral for up to a year before you can attempt the main board. Sooner you start the sooner you get a choice.
Not really my area, but the guys I know who have gone on SF selection tend to have done so as junior Captains (about 2 and a half years from commissioning for a graduate). Ultimately it depends on the maturity of the individual, at 25 you are already older than the average entrant to Sandhurst.

If SF (presumably SAS) is your ultimate aim, I would recommend you join the Parachute Regiment, as they seem to be the largest single feeder capbadge (clearly there are SF officers who have started out in a variety of regiments and corps).

As the previous poster pointed out, you need to decide how you would feel if you did not pass selection, the odds of passing are statistically against and you can be guaranteed stiff competition from some extremely high calibre candidates. I would suggest that being a regular army officer is satisfying in itself.

As an alternative, have you considered selection for one of the TA SAS regiments?

Either way, give it a go. You don't know until you have tried.

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