Officer selection


I am currently going through the process of becoming an officer (presuming I pass all the tests etc). I was just after some advice on what the interviews are like and what questions they will be asking.

I know that they will be asking me on current military affairs etc and they look for confidence in your answers and generally confidence in everything you do. Is there any other things that I should know about.

I am trying not to get too nervous as if I dont get in as an officer I would still like to join as a soldier in the Air Corps.

Any replys would be greatly appreciated.



Off the top of my head:

"Why do you want to be an army officer?"
Clarify/expand upon stuff on your CV.
At the Main Board, there's a short interview about your education/intelligence. When I did mine, it was a reasonably friendly interview if you'd done well on the computer-based tests; but he was a hardarse if you hadn't.
It's also worth having a shrewd idea of what's expected of you as an officer, and what qualities you might be expected to show.

It's worth trawling through the AOSB thread as there's lots of good advice on there.

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