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Discussion in 'Officers' started by aussie_girl, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering if people could post their thoughts and suggestions on OSB processes - I'm trying to research how they could be improved and allow candidates to demonstrate their leadership potential.

    I realise that the Sandhurst procedure is completely different to Duntroon - can anyone decribe the process to me?

  2. You might start here:

    Army Jobs Website

    Or here:

    Army Officer Selection Board (previously known as RCB) Advice Thread

    Or here:

    More Army Jobs Stuff

    If that doesn't help come back and ask some specifics...
  3. aussie_girl

    Is this for the GSO FAC? Or SSO? Feel free to PM me if you don't get the gouge you're after.....
  4. I've seen both. Selection for Sandhurst is not that different to Duntroon, just longer. They are both looking for leadership potential and use various ways and means to test for it. The Regular Commissions Board (RCB) for Sandhurst is four and half days and covers literacy, numeracy and reasoning tests, interviews including on your education, presentations to a group of your peers and a board of officers, medicals, physical fitness tests, practical problem solving and direction and leadership of a group. (A typical syndicate is about 6-8 people.) I haven't been through the regular Duntroon commissioning board, but I have done the Army Reserve equivalent and sat in on the regular board as an observer. Similar tests and format are used, albeit in a shorter time frame.

    Hope this helps. If you want any more detail let me know.