Officer Roles in RLC (V)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mag2grid, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. I am ex RAF. Left 12 years ago as a junior rank. Went to Uni and pushed on and now have a good career in Banking. Am now quite keen to join the TA. I am 38 very fit. Did an interview today and was advised to go for and get a Commission. I am above the official entry age but was advised that they could make an exception. The other route is to join as a Pte (Dvr) and get fastracked. I am currently looking after about 74 Managers and Oodles of juniors and paying 40% tax grrr. I have lots of Management & Leadership Courses under my belt as well as attending Harvard for 1 month Leadership Course.

    I am v interested in being the best person I can be whether it is as Pte or Officer. I am happy and within my comfort zone at work. I would like to ask the forum that should I go fastrack to get a commission or do the soldier route and the Part 1,2,3 and then get selected.

    Any honest sensible advice would be appreciated.
  2. That would depend on what you are join for. With the way you have tuged of in your post I am guess you are looking for conformation of one answer.
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  4. msr

    msr LE

    Go and speak to all your local units.

  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

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  6. personally, given your skills and experience, i think the whole training thing would be too much for you .

    you've clearly got an awful lot to offer but i fear that you're coming to the party too late and that you'd get quickly frustrated with the whole deal, the lenght of time for training, the processes and the commitment..

    that's my advice...take it or leave it!!!

    Good luck....PM me if you want a more detailed response
  7. Officers have roles?... News to me!
  8. I do tend to agree with the view that 38 may be leaving it a bit late and you may find the training in the TA quite challenging. You are well over the normal age limit for attending the TA Commisoning Course. As you say there are exceptions, but on the other hand there is a good reason for the age limit. If you do go for it make sure you have researched it carefully and understand the training and commitment etc.

    As you say you have two TA options

    Join as a soldier and get selected for a commision in due course

    Join as a direct entry officer.

    In respect of the first route - you will inevitably be further pushing the age limit if you spend a couple of years in the ranks. You also have to consider whether you would enjoy the job a junior soldier does at this stage of your career / life. Would you be OK about being mobilised as a junior soldier in whatever role you were trained for , and would the Army be getting value for money making up your Army pay to your civvy salary if you were say a driver.

    The second route would make more sense. You need to contact your local brigade HQ and get the details of the District Training Centre and speak to the team which runs the Direct Entry TA Potential Officer Scheme (DETAPO). The unit you ahve been in touch with will have the details. If you aspire to being an officer at your age then you should get on with it, joining via the DETAPO scheme is the quickest way to do this.

    I think HQ RLC TA at Grantham runs the scheme as well.

    Another poster mentioned the RAF Reseves. This may well be a better bet. They are much more flexible on age limits and the RAF Reserve commisioning course is much less intense than the Army one and has a far wider spread of ages on it.

    You lose nothing by getting in touch with a couple of units and going along and seeing them. Ask to have a decent talk with someone reasonably senior to go though your options.
  9. I wasnt aware the RLC TA has Officers there are hardly any at my unit
  10. Merchant banker? good background for an officer
  11. msr

    msr LE

    I believe that they have more Lt Cols than 2Lts.

  12. You say your very fit, which is half the battle. The problem with a lot of TA older and young is they are not.

    Get stuck in and good luck.
  13. Yes, and I know a few merchants in the RLC TA!!!, a certain cockney woopert!!!
  14. A certain Cockney woopert? I wonder who could that Pete? err be!