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Good afternoon,

I have a quick question that I was hoping someone on here could answer for me.

If you commission as an Officer and join your favoured regiment and battalion are you usually expected to live on base?

What is the view of Officer's who do live off base in their own private housing?

Just something I was wondering about. Thanks for any replies!
Anyone can apply for permission to live out - even OR's
What is the view of Officer's who do live off base in their own private housing?
It depends where their house is located. A sea-view might be nice, or one over open countryside, but view isn't everything, you have to take other factors into account, like shops, schools, local amenities, etc.
In most regiments/corps (particularly the combat and combat support arms), a newly commissioned officer is expected to live in the mess. The reason for this is so that he can bond with the other junior officers and through this interaction with more experienced junior officers, better develop as an officer himself. Frankly, if you don't fancy living in the mess (at least for the first few years of your army career) you are probably not the right sort of person to become an army officer. I stand by for the inevitable dissent here, but the army is all about it's members being part of a closely bonded team and one of the ways this is achieved is by having our junior (unmarried) officers living and socialising together (likewise our junior soldiers).

My direct advice to you as a potential officer would be: expect to live in the mess with your brother officers until you are married (ideally at least a couple of years post commissioning). If you go on a potential officer visit to a particular regiment and cannot see yourself comfortably residing in the mess with the existing mess members, then you need to look at a different regiment or corps because that one is not right for you; if you can't see yourself comfortably living in any army mess then choose another career, because army officer is not the right one for you.

As a disclaimer, I speak from a combat arms perspective. I recognise that things may not be quite so rigid in the CS/CSS, although I would still expect that unmarried young officers would still be expected to live in the mess at least initially.

Also, although I have referred to officers as 'he' above, this is equally applicable to female officers.

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