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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SeanGoesPop, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello once more. I have been studying at college for a BTEC national Diploma for IT practitioners. I have recently finished it; and if my calculations are correct, I will finish the course with a Merit and 2 passes (MPP). Before I started the BTEC I was in 6th form studying my A-levels. I quit after the first year. The reason being is that I didn't like the school and only realized this after the first 3 months. I decided to stick it out and complete the AS levels just in case they came in handy; but not really trying hard at them. I finished my AS levels with a in E chemistry and a D in psychology. Whilst studying for my BTEC I also completed 2 level 2 courses in communications and mathematics (these are worth 10 ucas points each, so 20 total).

    The BTEC itself gives me 160 points and the AS levels give me 50 points, whilst the 2 "key skills" certificates will give me 20 ucas points. This is a total of 230 points.

    My question is this: I have more than 180 points that the army require, as well as the needed grades in my GCSEs, but I am unsure if I these grades will be accepted as officer requirement. The trade I'm wanting to go into is a "Troop Commander" in the Royal Engineers. Would anyone from the Royal engineers or a recruiting office be able to tell me if my grades are acceptable to join the RE as a officer? If not, would a university degree (BSc in information technology) be sufficient?

    Thank you for reading.

    EDIT: I have forgotten to add this:
    At the beginning of the course all 3 of the armed services were accepting BTECs in their officer requirements, however I have noticed that both the RAF nor the Navy no longer accept them. This has caused me to worry whether or not my cause is actually valid for the army.
  2. An ability to spell may help :)

    Joking aside, double check on the BTEC points, I thought there was a national and a higher national standard, and you may have underscored yourself.

    Not that having a degree/necessary UCAS points offers any guarantee of acceptance as an officer, as I'm sure others will tell you.

    Good luck
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Can I suggest that if you are proficient in IT then the Signals are likely to be a better bet?
    And if you have the option go for a degree.
  4. I thought the signals were more networking based than general IT. I am quite proficient in computing, usually having to help my mates understand concepts and ideas, but networking was not a strong point; but still fairly capable. If this is not the case I wouldn't mind being told so.

    In the advent of using spell checkers more and more, basic spelling seems to lose me and some points due to getting more careless and letting it take care of my spelling; however I shall endeavor to avoid using the spell checker.
    My BTEC is a level 3 course, A-level equivalent. 1 pass is 40 points and a merit is 80. With my grades this will total only 160 points.
  5. You need 180 UCAS points plus 2 A-levels I think mate.
  6. The spelling point was just a joke, and for what it's worth, I rely on spell checkers far too much myself and I make no claims to perfect spelling.

    I asked the BTEC question as I believe there are some higher units involved in some of the courses (up to level 5 in some, certainly at one time, for more technical course such as computer technology/electronics). Not sure that the A-level passes are mandatory if you've had passes at an equal/higher level such as BTEC National Certificate

    I suppose you could take a higher national BTEC (the old HND route) or jump into the graduate route, which would be my personal preference.

    Good luck with whatever decision you take
  7. or equivalents. I think most BTECs these days are the equivalent of 3 a-levels? not 100% sure though.
  8. That is what I thought as well. But the navy and the RAF do no longer accept a BTEC as a A-level equivalent and I thought the army may be the same.

    Can't find the RAF quote, but it may have swapped back.
  9. Well, it says not ALL BTEC qualifications are suitable. But one in something like IT may be. I'm unsure, but I know the army took my BTEC into account (but it's not standalone). Ask your AFCO to be sure.
  10. I would go to Uni to make sure you have the required standards to apply to be an officer. Not only that you will have a degree behind you for the rest of your life and you can get the Army to sponser your course. I wish I had done that with my degree but it is too late now as I have graduated.
  11. I know that in the TA you can apply for a commission on UCAS points, regardless of qauls. In terms of subject - I know a regular Officer in the Signals with a degree in Art, so don't worry too much. However, I would say that with any background in IT, you are much more likely to be picked up in the Signals with lesser quals that a degree.
  12. You will need to bring 4 servants one for cleaning kit one for carrying your purdeys one to cook and a strapping young one for entertaining you on those lonley nights
  13. May I please divert your attention to the officer's forum.

    Have a trawl through some of the threads on there. Most topics you could think of have been discussed on there and a few topics you wouldn't have though of!

    May i also suggest you have a quick butchers at the University degrees thread.

    Hope this helps.


    Edited to add - Also try this Clickedy Click

    Not sure how relavent that is for ya, but ho-hum, i tried!
  14. I thought they were called "Privates, sergeants and the warrant officers" :D :)

    Thank you for the information guys, and the links. I just may be able to apply to a university at this late of a date and get in.