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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Rob.A.H, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I've read quite a few topics on the ARRSE forum over the past couple of weeks, so, greatly expect a 'flaming' off some people if they do not believe my questions are 'up to standard'.
    Just hoping that I will get at least a couple of helpful responses.

    I went to my local AFCO today to discuss joining up.

    He asked my qualifications:

    - 10 GCSE's A to C
    - ONC Mechanical Engineering
    - HNC Mechanical Engineering (Almost completed)
    - NVQ2 Mechanical Engineering
    - NVQ3 Techincal Services - Mechanical Engineering (Almost completed)

    (I do have more, but too many to list and these are the ones of the most significance I feel).

    Basically, my question is as follows...

    The AFCO Sergeant I spoke to said that to become an officer you require A-Levels. My reply to this been that I read on the armyjobs website that it is A-Levels or equivalent qualifications.
    The Sergeant did agree with me on this fact, however, did tell me that he would have to look further into my qualifications as he was not sure if I did qualify for an officer position.

    Does anybody know whether it would be the case I am not eligible for an officer position?

    This will not affect my wanting to enlist, though I will need to re-evaluate my options as all my choices for career path have been based around an officer position and this may differ if this is not the case.

    Should have got to the point sooner I suspect, just let my head/hands get a bit carried away I feel.

  2. Rob.A.H.

    You need to have an appropriate number of UCAS points rather than A Levels. Find out what your collective qualifications add up to before you next go back.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me barbs.

    Am I correct in thinking the required UCAS points for becoming an officer are 140?

    I just went onto a UCAS point calculator, it seems GCSE's do not count towards any UCAS points, but my ONC gives me 120points, and a music exam gives me 25points, putting me at 145 ucas points.
    This raises to 265points when I complete my HNC (even if I only get a PPP at that level which I am hoping for better).

  4. Check out this link for the entry requirements - don't forget to read the notes!

    Army Entry Requirements

    Good luck
  5. I did look at that actually after I had posted, so realised it's 180pts not 140pts.

    However, I also recalculated my points and worked out I currently have 205pts and in September will have 365pts (in theory).

    That is of course dependant on whether my ONC and HNC are classed as:

  6. You answered your own question then! But your ACA contact will know best, but good luck!
  7. I've got the same problem, to an extent. BTEC Diploma at MPP (160 points) and 2 key skills certificates at 10 points each. However, the diploma is one subject (IT), so I'm not sure if its worth the whole 160 or just 40/80 in the eyes of the army.
  8. Oh, I didn't know key-skills classed as points...

    I've got 5 level3 key skills as well...

    Oh well, guess I'll just have to get a list of exactly all the qualifications I have and take them into the AFCO and see what they say!
  9. Considering level 3 Key Skills are worth 30 UCAS points a piece, they could be a help! ;)
  10. Ok, well I'm going back into the AFCO this friday morning to try and work this all out...

    with keyskills at 30 each... that means I already have 235 points, thats before my HNC and 2 other keyskills are completed... that surely must be adequote enough, will just have to see how things go and what they say
  11. i have exactly 180 ucas points :)
    im not sure whether to go for officer training yet tho
    i guess i have till my degree is finished to decide
  12. Stayce88 If I were you get in touch with your nearest careers advisor, they can get you on a number of look at life type visits that will give you an insight into the job and help make your mind up. Added to this they are alot of fun as well!
  13. can i do that while im doing my regular soldier training with the ta?
  14. Shouldnt be a problem but Im not a 100% on that though you may even get paid while on these visits best bet is speak to either your local Careers person or your units Adjutant.
  15. Hey, you will get paid for the Familiarisation visits, if you are TA Captain will sign your wage slip. Its better for you to contact the ACA now so that you can get all the formality out of the way by the time you leave university. Similarly, you might be in a position where you might graduate with a job offer to become an officer, if you do want to join up.

    Good luck.