Officer reenlistment.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by pondersome, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello Arrse,

    I left the army at the end of my short service commission after an average performance in an infantry battalion. During my service I appreciated that I would have enjoyed my time more as a private soldier and most likely done better as an NCO than a middle of the road officer.

    What are the rules on Officers rejoining amongst the ranks, Im not aware of it having been done before. I presume a change of Arm is a necessity, but if one were to join the Royal Marines would any record of previous service be carried over as I presume my service number would reappear when my details are typed into JPA.

    Thankyou for all sensible advice.

  2. I have heard of it being done before, although this was in the pre-JPA era. I can see nothing in QRs or similar that specifically stops you from applying - however I suspect this is because QRs assume you will go from commissioned service straight onto the RARO rather that join the ranks.

    I would guess this is a question you would have to ask the ACIO directly as they would, in turn, have to seek guidance from DM (A) and they can then give you the party line.
  3. This seems crazy. I can't even begin to imagine the weirdness of being a private soldier in presumably mid to late 20's having already done Sandhurst, PCD and a tour as a platoon commander.

    How would you cope, what do you imagine the reaction of other soldiers/DS in basic would be if they found out about your prior experience? I'm genuinely interested.
  4. ..............................Well,

    I know of a 4 Para Company Commander, who joined 3 Para, as a Tom in my Platoon.

    He went on to become a full screw about 3 years later, before going to 22 as a Trooper.

    On completion of his tour he then went & took up a Commission.

    Admittedly quite a while back, but it has been done!

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Wah shield etc - Even if it's allowed, I suspect that the system will view you with extreme suspicion unless you are working in a very esoteric area. Whatever you decide, attempting to withhold relevant information, previous service comes into that category, is not good strategy and I'm surprised you even asked about it.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It sounds like a shit idea to me. if you didn't enjoy it as a platoon commander it won't get any better as a Tom: you might well be better off making gazillions as an investment banker and joining the HAC or some such organisation.

    On the question of the rules... I remember people who resigned their commissions in a very complete way to attempt things like R Sqn selection, but even they were ultimately being looked at as potential officers. I suspect it's the kind of thing that happens in wartime but rarely otherwise.
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  10. Regarding not enjoying it as an officer and thus not enjoying it as a soldier they are fundamentally different careers. A mess of 12 thrusting vindictive competitive Officers is very different to a platoon of 24. Being an investment banker in the city (or for sake of argument, any other) and joining the HAC has little appeal, as I do not enjoy or relish managerial positions, I lead successfully and tactically was sound, but the idea of a coy 2ic of BHQ job does not appeal, call it naivety but realitically how much does one understand the complexities of an officer's career path on entry to RMAS or on exit from PCD where the entire recruitment and training process concentrates on those first few years at junior command.

    Re: the DS and other recruits, If you have the humility to sack off the commission in order to stand alongside them, then I see no cause for them to mark you apart for any more special treatment than they give anyone else. Banter will always be banter and if I dont play up to it I imagine they'll get bored of it fairly quickly. Re: the DS, Im being taught another role, I didnt perfect the role of LMG or ECM carrier during the 44 weeks at RMAS so why would my knowledge of a platoon attack conflict with their lesson plan. As a Pl Comd I had an opinion on the Colonel's absurd use of manpower and kept it to myself, so equally as a Bod Id bite my lip and crack on to the best of my ability.

    This is not a bitter and vitriolic attack against my former capbadge, I merely wonder whether its possible to make a regain, under graduate soldier etc Id imagine its easier now than it may have been in the past, especially if I changed arm (?)
  11. the problem you may have if say you try Royal Marines/Royal Navy/RAF is that they may see you as a potential officer with your background, degree & experience, hence you may end up as an officer whether you like it or not.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The point is that they aren't fundamentally different careers: they're different streams within the same organisation. Obviously I don't know you or anything much about you but I do feel that if you were disappointed by life as an officer, you won't find it much more enjoyable in the ranks.
  13. Long time ago, mid 90s, I guy I new went from being a junior infantry officer to become a RAF snco loadie on chinooks.
  14. If you joined my Sqn as a Signaller, I'd have you as my Ops Siggie in my office proof reading OSW and MS!
  15. Career management win!