Officer Recruitment and Familiarisation Visits.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Sussex21, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Hi All

    Thank-you for reading, I’m currently doing A Levels and looking at a future inthe Army. I would like to do History at uni and my initial choice of Regimentswould be either the Tank Regiment or the Paras if that makes a difference. Ihave read as much information as I can find on Officer Careers and recruitmentand just have a couple of questions.

    Firstly I am looking at applying for an undergraduate bursary to help methrough uni and allow me to have a confirmed job when I finish uni. My questionis with the current economic climate and defense budget restraints arebursaries still being made available and if so roughly how many a year, whencompared with the entry to Sandhurst a year which from my understanding isabout 900 a year including internationals?

    Secondly as I understand it after making initial contact with the army throughthe recruitment officer and an Army Careers Adviser, if put forward, you arethen sent to the AOSB briefing and if successfully finally the AOSB main board.At this point is successful I’d go to uni for 3 years before starting Sandhurstafter completion. My question is where along this process do Familiarisation Visitsto the regiments take place, from my understanding about 5 of your choice?

    Thank-you very much for your time.


  2. I was told by one of my lad's hockey chums (who applied but was unsuccessful) that it was at least as competitive as the Welbeck selection process. For this last year, there were around 500 applicants which by the time they were interviewed, sifted, attended a board etc. got whittled to 77 who made the start of the term as Army sponsored students. Whilst I can't remember the number of bursaries available (30 sticks in my my mind but I could be way wide of the mark), hopefully you'll get an idea of the scale of the challenge that awaits and as such prepare accordingly. Make sure you can exceed the board's fitness requirements as it's taken seriously and you have plenty of time to improve this aspect. Ask about attending a POIC too.
  3. First piece of advice is to learn what a space bar is; but then again maybe you missed it with your dialing wand.

    Secondly, I do question your motives and commitment, when you clearly state that your aspiration is to fall into a ''confirmed'' job - whats wrong? Easy degree at uni and don't fancy being a teacher at the other end?

    Thirdly, from my own personal experience I did one fam visit before and one visit after RCB. Bear in mind that you are also given ample opportunity to visit various regiments whilst undertaking the commissioning course.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Had you been at the whisky last night? It is ludicrous to come into this forum to attack the motivation of a schoolboy whom you have presumably never met on the basis of a single internet post.

    To the OP: the army bursary scheme is still running. You get £900 a year whilst at University and a lump sum payment when you enter RMAS (or possibly when you commission, I can't remember). To get one, you need to do reasonably well at AOSB - i.e., not a 'risk pass' - and have a confirmed place at a UK university. Whilst at University you are expected to join the UOTC although you won't have to attend it if playing sport at a high level.

    Cactusman, you are confusing the Army Undergraduate Bursary scheme with the Army 6th Form Scholarship.
  5. DO NOT listen to this particular bit of advice. As I told good mate who's a 'military virgin' (ie never worn green before stepping through the RMAS gates), anyone in that situation should get as much experience of different regiments as possible before RMAS, because the visits there are extremely limited and can give a very false impression. Not only that, but it's never too early to network- knowing the officers interviewing you at your regimental selection boards can't possibly be a bad thing.
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    On the subject of fam visits, it isn't now generally possible to do official regimental fam visits until you're 18 years old for H&S and counter-kiddie fiddling reasons. The various regional Potential Officer Insight Courses may be worthwhile: you get booked onto them by your ACA and I believe you can get on them if you're over 16.
  7. You may have a point but I would have thought someone seeking a bursary in (presumably) the British Army would at least be able to spell 'defence'.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The OP might have been brought up in the US or France where that would be a perfectly reasonable spelling, or it might have been a typo or he might, indeed, have some spelling difficulties. It isn't a good reason for grown men to bully schoolchildren who are here to seek information.
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  9. Exactly, this isn't the NAAFI.

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  10. My lad was still under 16 for his POIC January last year. That said, all attending were under 18 and all bar one were applying for Welbeck, the other for Bursary so I'm assuming this was a targeted one for young uns.
  11. Regarding fam visits; I'm currently trying to get on visits to the AAC, PWRR & The Rifles. I've been told by all three that I have to wait until passing main board to be able to visit any of them. This, from my limited experience and the people I've met, seems to be more and more so the case. I've now passed main board so it remains to be seen how 'easy' getting on fam visits will be, although AAC have stopped doing fam visits (not sure if this a permanent thing).

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