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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by SantaSpud, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello just wondering if anyone could provide me with any information of what an officer's role in the RA would entail. Any advice would be gladly taken.
  2. surely it depends on role! light gun/sound ranging/asnasty/STA/uav etc etc etc
  3. Well thats what i was wondering - if you have a specific role, I am looking at the AS90.
  4. Its my understanding that most officer types have similar roles, less the FOOs who are a rule to themselves, that being Recce or CPO.
  5. GunnersQuadrant

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  6. Captain_Crusty

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    It's all about dash and panache really....
  7. Bit like Sigs ain't it?

    "Ah, Sergeant! Set the blokes up over there until I give the order to either run away quickly or shout Bang loudly, alles klar? Smashing. And now for my paperwork before radio-stag..."
  8. Spanish_Dave

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    2nd Lt you would be on duty most of the time especially around leave times xmas, summer and easter etc, oh and especially weekends, also you would probably also be a CPO until you get sacked by the BC for firing when AMC is in force continuously :D
  9. That has the ring of truth about it alright...happened to one of my contemporaries. He was then given the undemanding job of BCs driver until Endex, at which point he had an "interview without coffee" with the CO. According to a fly on the wall (Adj.) the conversation went along the lines of "You'll make an officer but not in this regiment."

    He was then re-roled as an infantryman, where he must have been reasonable because a friend of mine ran into him as an LI officer some years later...
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Cuddles which Regts were you in
  11. Thankyou everyone
  12. Eeey! Them wer't days! Young mister would be glued onto a gun crew for a week or two. Gun number 1 (normally regimental best gun) would new boy, el rapido.
    Mr no sleep and well facked would now understand why the guns, and only the guns; are there to be served.
    Suitably impressed and with issued labrador one would stagger off to the OP's for gentle banter and miniscule career saving be suitably terrified by mad scouse and themmmm. One good ear between em all, hunched troglodite shoulders, grinning, smelling of beans and facing north.
    Nowadays..they just don't believe yer,tsk.
  13. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    As I seem to remember it was Asssistant to the Assistant Adjt for a couple of weeks until the Bty came back from wherever and then receiving instruction from the TSM along the lines of:

    "Come down to the hanger in 10 mins sir and I'll have the guys on parade. Walk down the line, bollock one for being untidy and then hand over to me. Then bugger off back to the office and I'll come up in 10 mins and tell you how you've done"

    Worked pretty well for me!
  14. Mark the words of the French Marshall Lyautey (pacification of Morocco): "officers are there to provide gaiety"
  15. I remember the baptism of fire that was GLSC...given a protractor thingy and a compass and despatched to the gun-lines. No dedicated vehicle, the GLSC had to hop into the last, rapidly moving, vehicle to leave the position. Or occasionally run like feck to the next junction where hopefully it would slow down enough for you to get in!