Discussion in 'Officers' started by tafftoff, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. In the various brochures I have regarding Officer roles/responsibilities, I have noticed that officers are responsible for the fitness of their men.

    Basically, I am wondering what this entails?

    Just to cover my back, I am very interested in exercise physiology and what not, and am a part time personal trainer. However, I am curious as to the logistics of providing an adequate fitness regime for 30 individuals with presumably different strengths and capabilities etc.

    Do you have to tailor PT to suit the make up of a platoon or is it a case of just taking them out for a run every day? (I am referring to Infantry regiments btw.)

    Thanks again.
  2. An interesting question.

    Officers are not PTIs - though some think they are!

    Officers can do ETL - Endurance Training Leader - to enable them to take people out on runs. A worthwhile course.

    To my mind, PT should be tailored to include everyone from the unfittest clerk ( and before anyone says it there are some very fit (?) clerks) to the fittest racing snake. The ones that need PT are the ones that don't do any training in their own time. Therefore programmed PT of any kind is good.

    Officers can also do the Unit Fitness Training Officers course...but a girl on mine said they were talking rubbish. She had a Sports Education degree so I took her word for it!!
  3. Does anyone know anything about Endurance Training Leader?

    I spoke to my PSI and he doesn't recognise it, nor can he find any detials on the course.


  4. The Endurance Leader training - which YO's complete as part of the PT syllabus at RMAS - is set by the APTC. Suggest your PSI approaches their HQ in Aldershot for advice.
  5. The fitness of the soldiers is something you can influence through a programme of regular physical training (and threats) but this needs to be squeezed in amongst work commitments so people need to also train in their own time. The key is to keep everyone interested so variety is essential - gym work, assault course, running, battle PT, swimming, team sports, and the hundreds of other alternatives including adventurous training. And the military has its PT experts ('twice round my beautiful body ... go') to provide advise and run the sessions.

    I see PT as more than a beasting - it's a chance to see the team working together, notably in helping the less able. More than that though, it's a fantastic opportunity to gauge people's character - I've more time for a struggler who grits his teeth and tries his best than for a fit individual who coasts through a session with no effort.
  6. Don't take it too literally.

    You are responsible for the fitness of your soldiers. This means that you should ensure that those medically unfit are going the right way about getting better, those physically unfit have a structured program of improvement and that the rest can maintain an appropriate level of fitness. You do not need to know how many press-ups your soldiers can do, that is a PTIs job, you just need to be fit yourself (example) and are ultimately responsible for all aspects of your soldiers' abilities. Forget phys qualifications, if you want to do phys with your soldiers, plan it in advance and arrange a PTI.
  7. Sorry, dyslexia strikes again....ELT and not ETL.
  8. So officers (i.e., lieutenants) don't actually run the PT session? :?
  9. No, that's what the gym staff are paid for. Even ETL trained personnel can't beast the lads, IIRC, 70% of the most unfit twaats maximum effort.

    Gone are the days when the Tp / Coy cmdrs or SNCOs can rag the lads round the training areas. It's gone far too pink and fluffy in this era we live in. God forbid, you'll make the little lambs wear big boots to work next.
  10. What does this mean, GB? (Thanks for your response btw)

    So platoon leaders don't train the soldiers. I may be opening a can of worms here, but in general, are officers fitter than their soldiers? I mean, in the RM the YO's complete the same course as the soldiers, except they have to do certain events in shorter times etc., thus ostensibly proving their physical superiority (for want of a better term) and vindicating their position of authority.

    I realise that they aren't representative of army officers (not by a long shot), it's just...well... the OTC chaps in general seem to be terribly unfit. They certainly don't play any sport. I'm not trying to provoke anyone, just wondering what the story is, esp. considering that they don't lead PT etc.
  11. In an ideal world the Tp OCs etc would be fitter than the blokes, leading from the front and all that hard on inducing stuff. In reality that is not normally the case. I have not met many young subbies that can turn their blokes inside out on the phys front. If you are one of the very few then apologies. However, a Tp OC should be able to motivate the lads under the most arduous of conditions. This still does not mean that you can take the Tp out on a PT session unless you have a PTI or you or one of your SNCOs / Offcrs is ETL trained.

    The 70% of the fat lazy git thing means you can only run / tab etc at 70% of the afore mentioned fat gits fitness ( if ETL trained ).

    For example if fat lad can run a mile in a maximum of 10 mins ( God forbid ) then the ETL trained personnel can only run a squad with him / her in it at 70% of that 10 min mile pace, so that would be a minimum time of 10 mins plus that 70% - whatever that works out to be!

    If I've got the facts and figures wrong then PT Corps feel free to dry bum me!.
  12. 14mins 17secs
  13. Everyone, thought you may have realised this is a wah...

    If it is not a wah, then Lt Taftoff sir, you are a dull **** with no knowledge of the army. I suggest you join it, keep your eyes open and learn about it; rather than trying to discuss it in a committee!

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  14. Thanks for the clarification GB.

    Thank you for your kind words Hellfyyr.

    I realise that I have no knowledge of the internal workings of the army. That is why I am asking questions re. PT and other such issues.

    I intend to.

    Why do you think PO's post on this site? To preach about life in the army?
  15. You seem to be missing the point and reading between the lines, suggesting the Marines are superior in some way :roll:

    My point, if you can be bothered to learn from someone senior, is that we will train you properly; no need to learn from the internet...