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Hello all,
I am looking to start my application to Sandhurst and am thinking about the various opportunities that this will provide. I am not sure which Corps/regt to join. I have narrowed it down to intelligence and educational and training services but want to know more about the possibilities of each.
In the ETS I wouldn’t want to teach basic English and maths to soldiers but rather topics such as leadership and management. I have also lived a big part of my life in France and wondered if that could open up any doors as far as postings or teaching the language. What are some interesting career advancement opportunities for each? Thanks for the feedback!
In the ETS you will teach both (and do a lot more of course design, validation etc)

Languages always open opportunities no matter which part of the Army you join.

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Hi there, hopefully my response isn't so late as to make it worthless, but the ETS is a great career and from my experience the deciding factor for those choosing between Int Corps and ETS was the ability to command earlier in your career in the Int Corps.

In the ETS, your first role or two will almost certainly be as an LDO (Learning Development Officer) in an Army Education Centre; you may be involved in helping out with basic English and Maths, but that won't be your main focus, and instead you will be teaching Leadership, Defence Studies and Management Skills to a range of ranks. As a Captain, the jobs really open up and you may be a platoon commander at RMAS, or work in the Language Wings at Shrivenham, though the majority will do a stint in a course design / assurance role (an LDA).

There'll be plenty of deployment options (in a range of capacities) right from the start of your career, but (outside of the AECs) the ETS do such a variety of roles, that it is difficult to describe a standard pathway for progression, but happy to explain more about what I got up to if you PM me!


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One major difference is that in the Int Corps, you'll have some opportunity to command soldiers. My old mate @devexwarrior is reasonably up-to-speed on the schoolie side, no doubt he can add another voice explaining where the grass is and how green it is.

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As @bpdc says, pretty much. Also @Glad_its_all_over is correct. The LDO concept allows young officers to be embedded with units which has benefitted the Branch by showing the field army the good that the ETS can do for a unit. Basic maths and English is really the realm of the civilian Basic Skills Tutors. The only maths I did was some higher level stuff with NCOs working towards Artificer or aircrew tests. For the Direct Entrant the ETS might not give the initial excitement - though there are plenty of opportunities if you look for them. I always thought it was telling that more DEs transferred INTO the ETS than OUT.

Once you get to Sandhurst you will have plenty of chances to look at and visit Corps and Regiments before making your choice. Talk to people, listen and choose.

Best of luck.
Thank you everyone for your replies! I am still interested and I will continue to look at other Corps and regiments. I’m sure I’ll also have some more ideas after joining.

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