Officer promotion in the British Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Desalman, Apr 17, 2011.

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  1. Its quite a few years since I served in the Forces and I have a question regarding present day Officer promotions.

    I was a crab, SSC Flight Lt ( army Captain equivalent rank ). Promotion to Flt Lt was on a time basis, no promotion exam involved. Is it the same for promotion to Army Captain?

    The question is generated by various comments regarding the recent promotion to Captain of Prince Harry.
  2. Isn't promotion to Captain or equivalent achieved when you are deemed to be "fully qualified" for your role? Hence doctors join the army as captains by virtue of being qualified doctors.

    I knew one girl who joined the Royal Navy as Surgeon Lieutenant and was a Lt Cdr (= army major) within a year.

    Presumably Harry has passed all of his Apache pilot exams (no mean feat - the Apache has more buttons than a chav's in-car stereo). Hence he gets promotion to captain.
  3. Good guess, but no banana.

    In short, in order to promote to Captain, officers are required to complete:

    5 Years service
    2.5 years at RD
    Junior Officer Leadership Programme
    Joint Officer Tactical Awareness course
    Military Knowledge 1

    Now, I hear you say, what about graduates? Well, graduates are given 3 years antedated seniority, meaning if you have a degree it takes 2.5 years from commissioning to promote to Captain (the minimum required at RD). Harry, being a non-grad, had no seniority and as such needed to complete five years before being made a substantive Captain.
  4. In addition to that promotion to Capt isn't subject to a promotion board. So, if an officer meets the requirements that Nickhere has listed and his CO is happy then he/she puts on their 3rd pip. Promotion boards for officers begin at Major.
  5. Thanks for the info, its obviously ''similar'', what is RD ?
  6. [nowah]

    Regimental duties

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  11. key point actually: whilst an officer may be eligible he must be recommended by his CO - not always a given.
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  14. The Officers promotion system up to, and including Major is a reason behind the overmanning. Unlike OR's who need a post to promote into, so long as Officers meet the quality line they will be promoted. Hence why there are so many SO2 Paperclips knocking around, knowing they aren't going to get their Lt Col and are simply bidding their time for their pension to kick in.