Officer/private soldier?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by brick26, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick question. I am set on joining the TA after university and I definetly want to join the infantry. was just wandering of there is anyone out there who could shed some light on the officer/private sldier devide?

    I have had a some contact with TA units through OTC and from my experience it seems that it is more sociable and more of a laugh with the regular soldiers than with the officers??
  2. Strange question! Frankly if you dont know what you want to be at this late stage you shouldn't consider being an officer.
  3. Look mate, if you can pass RCB - be an officer. Don't set your sights low. That's the best and most considered advice I can give you.

    Take it from somebody who made a mistake.
  4. it is more the fact that I will not be relying on the TA for an income, it is more of a 'hobby', it seems that the social side of it is more enjoyable as a private soldier than as an officer. I really enjoy the 'green' side of things and it seems u do less of it on the officer side. maybe i am mistaken.
  5. You are.
  6. Wandering. :frustrated:
  7. I know obviously that an officer doesnt sit in all day and drink tea with biscuits. what I am trying to say is if i got a commission would i still be out doing the soldiering side of things in a few years or as u go up the ranks do you not spend more time doing admin type work?

    If i like the green side of things would i be better joining as a private or go for TA commission?
  8. Go for the commission every time. Even when you get your majority (if you ever do) you'll still get to do green stuff. Your life and your civvy career will be much better if you are commissioned however. Don't waste your education by just being a grunt.
  9. cheers for the advice.
  10. Welcome.
  11. Do one, cnut.

    GDav's right. You can still get cold and wet in the field with a commission! Go around different units and see if there's really a massive divide between soldiers and officers. Unless you're going for the Cav, I doubt there's much pretentious faux-poshness going on.
  12. You wouldn't even get the cav thing with the yeomanry, unless somebody has a horror story to tell?
  13. ive always thgt about infantry and with the way possibly future job prospects im looking at 7th Scots. kinda like the idea of running around getting wet.
  14. What, do you mean the 52nd Lowland? I know some of the guys in Claremont Street. Good bunch of lads if you ask me and they've contributed heavily to the presence in current conflicts. Tight outfit if you ask me.
  15. is 52nd Lowland not 6th Scots? I thought 7th Scots was basically the Highlands??