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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by dirk_digler, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. I have a visit to Larkhill in the new year prior to starting Sandhurst in Jan. Could anybody give me some inthe gen regarding postings and the length of postings? I have heard mixed messages with some people saying you can be moved around every 2-3 years like other corps/regiments. However, I have also been told that you can stay at a regiment for an extended period. ie 4-5 years.

    Is this the case?
  2. I'm not an Officer, but most RA ones in my experience do 3 years in a post. Mostly as a Troop Commander. Most leave their first posting as a Captain. I think there is scope to extend at a unit if you want. Some do, some don't.
  3. Agree with FLA4ever. There is a pull through for Captains to support ops but some remain in regts for longer.

    Worry about this after RMAS which will be fun.

  4. Aye but I do need to take considerable efforts to research my chosen Regiments/Corps. Gunners has come from no where and I am more and more interested with everything I read! From being more green than people think, to being able to volunteer for AACC and P coy to being able to perform ceremonial duties there is alot of variety. Preaching to the converted obviously
  5. Remember that you will be a leader of men first, everything else is secondary. You will also get lots of tour opportunities.

    The RA does have many opportunities in terms of eqpt role and formations with which operate. As I said earlier get through RMAS first and also have a look at everywhere.

  6. Why RA/Larkhill?
    Are they sponsoring you through Sandhurst?
    Or are you doing the commission application thingy toward your completion of RMAS?
  7. Both messages are true, in the CS discipline anyway. The standard posting is 2-3 years, but in some cases people are allowed to move into a new post in the same Regiment ie: from CPO/BRO into an FST Comds slot, or from being an FST Comd to a couple of years as Adjt.
  8. It is a short familiarisation visit. I have sponsorship from R Signals but want to take a look at RA.
  9. Whilst I understand that you are saying a posting within a regiment will prolong your time in the same place, I have no idea what CS, CPO/BRO, FST etc is!
  10. d_d,

    I would suggest you have a look here:

    This is what you will be doing for the first few years in the RA. When you go on the fam visit, ask loads of questions and speak to the subbies who will be there. They will give you ground truth.

    There is no guarantee that you will be a close support (AS90 and Lt Gun) subbie; there is nothing wrong with being an Air Defence, UAV, MLRS or STA troopie. You can also do the Commando course or P Coy. What you can guarantee is that you will go on operations and you are highly likely to be an FST Commander.

    You will get soldier who's respect you have to earn (a majority will have seen brand new subbies many times before), they will let you down but you will defend them to the hilt. You will also have a great laugh.

  11. Sorry about that, GBTD seems to have cleared it up with his link though.

    I agree with you no harm in looking at looking at corps/regts now, but don't believe GBTD - there is plenty wrong with being an Air Defender ;)
  12. Yes GB, mainly having to put up with internal Gunner prejudices :)


  13. Standard procedure is do YOs after RMAS (for 6 months), then 2 1/2 years in your first Regimental Duty post.

    Then 1 or 2 years doing something non-RD: maybe a training regiment, maybe 4/73, maybe a different discipline - so if you were Close Support (CS) as a CPO (Command Post Officer) then BRO (Battery Recce Officer) you may go to UAV or Air Defence or the other way around.

    Typically, everyone wants to be what used to be called a FOO (Forward Observation Officer), whatever their first RD tour and possible second tour. It is now FST commander (Fire Support Team), but the same job. This is a 3 year post, but some do 2 years and then move into their promotion earning tour - as an Adjutant or SO3 somewhere. You will then be ready to promote.

    Sometimes, due to the high demand for FST commanders, people get pulled into the FST role from their 1st tour, so can do 4 or 5 years with their first Regiment. IMO this is a bad thing, as familiarity of a particular Regiment for more than the normal 2-3 year post can be dangerous. Also, you have less to do later and unless you are "only" committing to an SSC, many see doing the FST piece early as taking away the best job early and then a gap needing to be filled before you're eligible for promotion. horses for courses.

    Any questions - ask away.
  14. Your first few tours as a junior officer are likely to vary in length as you cover a variety of jobs; postings anywhere between 1 to 3 years - you will also more than likely complete an operational tour or two. I don't know how long you intend to remain in the Army but you should note the following key points:

    1. The primary aim of your first 2 to 3 tours in the Army is to train and develop you in your primary task of leading and managing soldiers. This is done at Regimental duty.

    2. The secondary aim is to broaden your education as a junior officer in order that you are prepared for Regimental Staff appointments (Adjutant, Ops Officer etc.).

    3. The tertiary aim is to develop you more broadly as an Army Officer so you can provide a valuable contribution to the wider Army and Defence later on in your career (if you plan on staying in for that long).

    What I'm leading to is that your career development, in conjunction with the needs of the Army, will drive how long you spend in each posting.

    What I would strongly caution against is pinning your hopes on remaining in one location - particularly in the current operational climate where mobility and uncertainty are key drivers - if stability is your priority then I would suggest that you have chosen the wrong career (hopefully I'm teaching you to suck eggs here and apologise if this is the case).
  15. I agree with Long Rod Penetrator - if unit stability is what you're after, join a line infantry regiment or an RAC cap badge. That way you'll know your operational deployment dates well in advance (unless we invade Iran on a whim of course), know your likely career course and can specialise in a particular area. In the Gunners an officer can expect to do several different jobs on different equipment in different regiments with each successive tour, and staying with the same regiment for more than one tour is the exception rather than the rule.

    One thing I can say with a certain surety is that being an FST commander is perhaps the best job a junior officer can have in the British Army. There is simply nothing like it in the Signals, Sappers or even in the Infantry or RAC - best course of action for you is to go on as many visits to as many regiments and corps as possible, don't be blinded by the recruiting banter/propaganda because it's all a show at that point. Get hold of serving subalterns (who will all have been briefed to charm you into their regiment/corps) and be straight with them. Ask them your questions directly and be as open and honest as possible. We've all been through the selection process and the best advice will come from those who've been through it most recently.

    In short, yes you will move around as a Gunner officer - probably every 2 to 3 years. Every Gunner officer's career is different and that's why they're so good, because they have a broad knowledge of what the Army is about and not an admittedly important specialised understanding of a particular piece of equipment or weapon.