Officer Placement

Righto, I'm being sponsored by the RE during my application to a commission, and I've been offered a two week placement with a unit somewhere.

I have two questions:

Where abouts can I actually go for this? I'm aware of BATUS, Cyprus and possibly Kenya, but are there any other postings a young PO could head off for?

Where would be best? I haven't had the pleasure of visiting any of these places yet so advice would be handy when it comes to choosing.

Many thanks.

(I've also posted this in the sappers forum)
You'll basically get attached to a unit anywhere but you'll be pretty lucky to get it abroad. It could be at any unit which feels that it has the time to accomodate a PO for 2 weeks.

Check with your sponsor
Of the 3 offered (and I have been to all of them) if you get the chance go to Cyprus. Its a riot.
If you go to BATUS - on no account be lured into the Sin Bin in Medicine Hat.

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