Officer Placement

Righto, I'm being sponsored by the RE during my application to a commission, and I've been offered a two week placement with a unit somewhere.

I have two questions:

Where abouts can I actually go for this? I'm aware of BATUS, Cyprus and possibly Kenya, but are there any other postings a young PO could head off for?

Where would be best? I haven't had the pleasure of visiting any of these places yet so advice would be handy when it comes to choosing.

Many thanks.
Anywhere in the sunshine is slightly ambitious, try to be realistic, Germany would be good. Try the ARRC or go for somewhere more elite if you are up to the challenge 59 or 9 Sqn are always busy. EOD would be interesting or if you are more technically bent, try 529 STRE or Geo.

Or if you want to get your hands dirty, try and get a regiment with a squadron on tour (An Exercise not Ops) write to all the CO’s asking for a placement and then select the best one.

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