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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by foxtrot608, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking at joining the army as a commissioned pilot.
    In all honesty, I simply want to be a pilot in the armed forces and am looking at the Navy and the AAC together.

    My aptitude test score may be too low to gain a place with the navy at present (it is 113 for pilot and 97 for observer). I wondered if anyone knows if this is suitable for the AAC?

    I get the impression from the forums that it would be wrong to make it apparent that I want to be a pilot in the army and that people need to keep this under wraps until getting into Sandhurst. I don't understand this mentality when the army's recruitment pages are advertising for pilot's?

    I was speaking with a number of potential AAC recruits at RAF Cranwell (all going for pilot aptitude and medicals and non serving). They hadn't secured places at Sandhurst yet but were being put through Cranwell already. 3 out of 4 of them said that they would cancel there application to the army if they failed aptitude or medical. Surely this defeats the ethos of the army's recruitment system for pilots? It's left me confused about the recruitment system.
  2. Mate, there is one thing to do at this early stage and that is speak to the AAC recruiting at Middle Wallop. Try 01264 78 4216, the lady there will give you guidance.
  3. Just a heads up mate, although 113 is the minimum for pilot, we're snowed under with applications and are turning away people with scores below 125.
  4. Second that - if you want up to date accurate advice then thats the way fwd.

    I can confirm however that saying that all you want to do is fly in the military as an officer isn't the best approach - there does need to be some part of you that wants to be an Army Officer as well as a "Pilot's".

    A desire to simply be a Pilot Officer HM Forces wouldn't enamor you to the AAC necessarily...

    PM me if you want more info....
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  6. WM,

    Good response, made me laugh!
  7. As he says. This is why the Army's method of recruiting is different to the the RN/RAF. The Army is very much Officer first, job second. The RAF/RN much less so.....
  8. If all you want to do is fly...why on earth are you giving the RAF a miss? There are a number of avenues to expore there, but the main one being that of professional aviator. This means that you stay aircrew and don't get farmed off to staff jobs in the same way. You can stay an aviator your whole career if you wish, whereas, as I understand it, you cannot in the AAC, although I stand to be corrected on this by someone with more knowledge of the AAC.
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  10. Although a few do (QHI/CFI etc), I'd guess that most AAC officers see a decreasing amount of flying hours as their career develops and would probably include periods in staff roles when they are not 'current'.