Officer Pensions - Reckonable Service pre age 21

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by civvy_tendencies, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Is anyone aware of any officers who have managed to challenge the pension system in regard to reckonable service prior to the age of 21? In theory, I would be at my 16 year point this summer however, as my first few years were under the age of 21, they are not recognised.

    As with all things, I have heard lots of chat along the lines of "my mate knows a bloke who took the Army to court and they settled before it got that far" etc, etc. What I am really after though is if anyone has any 1st hand experience, or could put me in touch with someone who has tried, I would appreciate a chat.


  3. One year ago, we had the opportunity to change to a pension that made all service pensionable although it came at a considerable cost to some people. Presumably, you remained on the 75 version.

    I imagine that the MOD's lawyers would remind your lawyers of that fact, and then send them a large bill.

  4. The new system accounts for service prior to 21.
  5. Damm, lost by 1 min.
  6. New system already mentioned. Regarding the old system, regardless of wether you think it "fair" or not, I do not belive the "I know someone who took MOD to court etc etc" because its a Non Contributary pension scheme offered by an employer and as such not a "legal right", legal age etc has nothing to do with it. The scheme was set up with those rules and they were the terms of service signed up to.
  7. Army myth me-thinks.
  8. You had your choice 50 - 50, surely not the wrong choice ;-)
  9. Ct, Spare a thought for all the LE Officers, the majority of whom lost 3 years towards their pensions when they commissioned (having joined at the age of 18 and being eligible for the pension as a soldier from that age) - its just the way it is - accept it
  10. IT Geek: please stop spreading the myth that the Forces Pension Scheme is non-contributory. Why do you think your pay is so low compared to civvy street? Just because it doesn't show up on the monthly pay statement doesn't mean that serving soldiers aren't paying for it every single day.

    Litotes: a good point, however it could be argued that the new pension arrangements were so unfavourable as to make it unfair for someone in Civvy-Tendencies situation to change. This can be fought in court (as a lot of civil servants did when moved to agencies and were offered different pension terms and conditions). I just wouldn't like to be the first because as you rightly say, the legal bill will be enourmous (the civil servants had their unions take up the fight, something that the Army lacks).

    As a small aside on the subject on pensions: does anyone here on a deferred pension (people like me who have to wait until 65 to claim) actually believe that they will receive their pension as was stated at the time they left the Army?
  11. IIRC it is approx 13% of salary but you never see it (before anyone asks that was the figure quoted in a presentation last year by the Forces Pension Society).
  12. Read the latest AFPBR it explains the entire process. ... and the rate!