Officer Pattern Shirts

My future Son in law is about to pick up his WO2 (bless), as he is saving hard to enable him to provide my daughter with the finer things in life I am helping him to find some "cost effective" suppliers of things like the posh cream officer pattern shirts and shiny brown shoes that he has to wear, any recomendations.
Worth visiting the tailors at Arborfield. The REME, (you don't have to be REME) have a shop where ex officers/WOs put this type of kit in for sale. When sold a percentage goes to the REME Benevolent Fund. Although secondhand I bought Officers pattern No2 dress, four shirts, shoes, tie, all for £180 and the stuff is immaculate. Even if you have to travel there it's well worth it as the stuff costs quite a bit of readies when new.
I thought shirts, shoes etc and the other 'ancils' were issued free. I got all mine for free. I only had to cough up for the big bits (jacket, trousers sam browne etc).
Unfortunately, your prospective soninlaw won't be able to get officers shirts etc issued until he gets his Tate & Lyle badge, regardless of whatever dress regs are expected by his unit. WO2s aren't scaled for the kit; WO1s are. Unlucky, tell him to keep climbing the greasy pole. The REME Corps Kit Agency in Arborfield is, as watertight says, well stocked with all sorts of cack and the contact number is 01189 763452 (milnet: 94251 2452). I hope this is of some help!

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