Officer Parade in Service Dress...okay but how?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Yeomanry_Recce, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. How does a TA Officer fund his Service Dress (when the hat is more than that comic allowance)?
    We have a large parade next year is the army going to fund Officer's Service Dress for a TA Regiment?

    I think it is fair that we pay for our own mess dress as it is a bit of a luxury item but service dress...they are having a laugh?

    Suggestions welcome.
  2. Pay for it out of your own pocket like a proper officer does.
  3. Fair enough but you may not have served in the Reserve forces since 1910 but they let in people with wives, mortgages and various other expensive bad habits.

    1-I pay for my suits for real work out of my own pocket. Do I want to buy this garb to wear it once a year, not too much really.

    2-I think you will find that Regular Officers gets an allowance, one army concept?

    3-Was looking for something more constructive but thanks..... looks like it will be a regiment worth of Officer's kit form e-bay.
  4. 1. A real officer pays for all his own civie clothes, inc suits.

    2. A real officer's uniform allowence doesn't cover the cost of his uniform.

    3. One Army concept.

    4. Constructive, ok, well, a real officer doesn't get a second income plus a tax free bouns from part time employment so invest some of that in a No1 dress scarlet yeomanry hat with braided peak.

    Hope that helps.
  5. PS You have obviously NEVER served in the regular forces or you would know that proper/real officers also have mortgages (and quaters to pay for), wives, vet fees, various other expensive bad habbits and bloody expensive mess bills (not two balls a year!) and school fees too!
  6. If its that expensive, make your excuses and don't turn up..
  7. Capt_Cuddlebunny- Fine, but you miss the point, surley if we are expect to own the same amount of uniform we should get the same allowance.
  8. But sunshine, you aren't and you dont! Simple!

    You don't require blues, tropical mess kit, warm weather service dress, at least two pairs of shoes (one for work and one for best), greatcoat AND british warm! You could get away with black tie for your dinner dos, but hell no, you'll pay for mess kit (sexy for the ladies) and bitch about having to pay for service dress!

    Stop whinning like a scolded puppie and accept the fact the having the Queen's comission cost, but the perks are worth it and as long as you don't develop into a fatknacker what you get now will see you into the grave!
  9. I love the resurgence of the terms 'proper' and 'real' in this discussion.

    I think a little look at this thread might be required.
  10. Quite right! Ref my previous posts this thread, delete 'proper' and 'real' and insert 'full-time sole occupation' (after all, we're talking the cost of uniforms here, not whether the person is FFR to wear them after all...).
  11. Oh the never ending debate is a career, house, social life is as good as a "real" commission? Perhaps initially it would be amusing, but I am sure the novelty must wear off and then what are you left with? A cupboard full of British warms, a hardly worn great coat and very little beside.

    Capt_Cuddlebunny- Okay laddie I get your point. How silly of me to expect the army to provide? I had hoped that HMG would pick up the tab (and that some Arrse would tell me how to make this happen) but if you are having to pay for your own tropical full dress and shabraque then I really should dig deep again.

    Now you run along back to being a 'real' Officer but do not work too hard this week and do take Wednesday afternoon off for gym lessons.
  12. Most have to moonlight like 3 para motars to pay our mess bills and pay our tailors on wednesday afternoons and weekends...
  13. Join the TA.

    Money for old rope!

    They do not pay for your Service Dress though so you may not be too keen.
  14. Would love to, but goby ex-reg know it alls don't fit in I'm lead to believe...
  15. No, I think it highly unlikley that the fit in anywhere....except perhaps our OCA but that is another story.