Hi everyone,

First of all I’m new and this is my first post and I had no clue where to post this question, so please excuse any annoying and infuriating naivety or ignorance.

Basically I want to join the Armed Forces and I really, really want to work in the Intelligence area or the RMP to the point I don’t know which to choose.

I'm currently going through the application process to join the Army as an RMP Officer. I've had the initial chat, the presentation, the interview etc.

I did have a look at doing MP in the Navy but I chose the Army over the Navy at the outset because of what other people told me, basically. Friends of mine in the services all seemed to suggest the Army is better paid, you're better looked after and you get a lot more opportunities and adventure.

Recently I've been looking into opportunities in the Int Corps. I'll admit, more as a back-up at first in case the RMP answer is no. But the more and more I read, the more and more I think it's the route for me.

Furthermore, i've spoken to more people who have suggested Intelligence in the Army is a great line of work.

I am joining the Armed Forces because I want a challenging, varied career in an exciting environment. I want to be stretched and pushed to the limit and I want to make a difference and really do a job I can be proud of... something I feel I can never achieve in the civilian world.

What do you guys think, honestly about the difference between RMP and Intelligence I know the jobs are so different it’s like comparing Chalk and Cheese but I just want a feel of people personal experiences you know? So I get to know more about it. How do the two compare? Is the Int Corps the ultimate in military intelligence?

Another dilemma I face is the soldier vs officer question. I don't have a degree but I opted for Officer because of my education - I got good grades at GCSE and pretty solid grades at A Level - and because of my 'leadership background' if you will - I’ve thought a lot of martial arts classes and past jobs include managing a pub.

An officer role in the army really appeals due to the leadership and the pay but a few things put me off - a) I’m unsure if I'm up to Sandhurst for 11 months, b) I really want to get cracking asap and maybe the best way to do that would be go in as a soldier and work my way up? and c) I want to get stuck in and really involved for example, say I did get into the RMP I’d want to go out and do policing not sit behind a desk doing paperwork all day and not really getting mucked in! Also Close Protection is definitely something I want to go into and I wasn’t sure if I could do that as an officer?

Sorry about the ridiculously long post. But it's a real dilemma and I need all the help I can get. I just want to get the most out of my Armed Forces career!

All help would be gratefully received!



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Well.... if you google the Armed Forces Pay Review Body that will tell you all you need to know about pay. Put simply pay is down to rank and seniority - so an army Captain who has one year in that rank will earn the same as a Royal Navy Lieutenant or an RAF Flight Lieutenant who has one year in the rank. Pay only starts to differ when you have a special role like pilot, submariner etc.

I wouldn't say that the Army are better looked after than any of the other services, I'd say that's poor information.

As for adventure - well, as an Army officer you might do a short service commission posted to tidworth, and the highlight of your time might be an exercise in Scotland. Conversely in the RN if you chose a seagoing role you might end up travelling the world and having the time of your life.

The opposite could be true! How exciting your career will be is partly based on luck (what the unit you join is tasked to do in your time) and partly based on how much you fight to get on the exciting deployments or the interesting sport/AT/courses.

In short, choose your service and arm based on the job you want to do, the sort of people you want to work with, and just generally what is right for you.

The adventure part will be available in whatever service, if you seek it out!
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It is deffinitley a hard decision to make, wish there was a enough time in life to do it all!


As a rule of thumb try for officer, life as an OR is OK, but if you have the intellectual capacity for Int work you'll have a harder time 'proving it' and building a reputation as an ordinary soldier/airman/sailor (I speak as an ex-Int Crab, your mileage may vary)

Education isn't always a deciding factor in commissioning - I had a 2:1 (History v Social Science), my boss had a 2:2 In Sports science. He had leadership potential, I didn't
Yeah I was thinking Officer might be the better path, but how much actual 'Ground Work' do you do as an Officer? As I'd feel like I was constantly missing out on all the action if I wasn't a Soldier.


I can't speak for the pongos but as a RAFIntO quite a lot, if you can get hold of Ed Macy's book Apache there's a whole chapter on Alice, a 7006VR IntO - a legend in the organisation and an old friend. If fact I might have a pdf version if you want to ping me your e-mail address.
I have a tip .

Instead of asking people on an internet forum what would be the best career for you . Ask yourself which would be the best for you .
To help you , speak to the staff in army careers office.
You can't seem to make up your mind and want others to do the work for you . Intelligence Corps Officer sounds ideal .
Thanks Maple! Yeah i'll send you my email in a bit!

Harry, the whole reason I'm asking those questions is so I can work it out for myself! It's better to get it from people who are going to give me a straight answer rather than the guys in the recruitment office who can over embelsh a certain role. I'm trying to get as much information as possible from people who have done those jobs to make an informed descion. I don't want to jump into somthing blind especially when its not that easy to get out of.


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Army officers command soldiers, that's their job. Intelligence Corps officers command Intelligence Corps soldiers, who are largely the subject matter experts (SME). Direct Entry (via Sandhurst) officers do get involved in intelligence work, of course they do, but unlike the RAF, will not do so routinely, or every tour. The Corps has a lot of Late Entry officers (senior soldiers, commissioned from Warrant Officer), who tend to fill the senior SME roles.

If you want to do intelligence in the Army, join as an Intelligence Corps soldier; if you want to command some of the most contrary, sarcastic, well-educated and awkward individuals in the Army, try your luck as an Intelligence Corps officer.


As GIAO says, the RAF do things a bit differently (or did, I've been 'out' a while - well, not that sort of 'out,' but you get the idea) With us everyone had to be able to do everyone else's job (more or less), push comes to shove and the differences between NCO and Officer at work was more blurred. RAF IntOs do get involved in analysis with some man-management management but the "I" bit is all important.

I was another trade mascaraing as int for reasons dull to go into, but can vouch for the fact that Int weirdos are the most contrary, sarcastic, well-educated and awkward individuals in the RAF, and as you can imagine, they're up against some stiff competition.... don't get me started on working with CAS(V)s and Ts!*

*The trades have been renamed again! Int Analyst (Voice) and Int Analyst ......something
RAF Recruitment | Roles Finder

Photogs?? Photogs?? Int??? HA FECKIN' HA!
Now then, please search the AGC forum Royal Military Police

There's loads of information. Im currently a serving office in the RMP so please PM me for anything specific. I'd post more information but I'm currently suffering with Ebola-man-flu.

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