Officer or Soldier?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by KINGQ, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. I’m joining the army in a couple of months and I am wondering weather I should go to Welbeck (as my parents advised me) or follow the path of become a soldier. I would just like to know your opinions on this subject. After Welbeck and I’ve passed through Sandhurst I would then join the Royal Signals. As a soldier I would still join the Signals but I am unsure on which path to follow.

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes they are all corrected many thanks for your opnions.
  2. A question for you, KingQ! Did you think about your question before you posed it or did you just allow your fingers to wander haphazardly over the keyboard?

    If you thought about the question, and that was the best composed question you could manage, then life as a soldier beckons - and the Royal Signals are as good a bunch as any.

    If you didn't think about the question, then you need a while at school yet.

  3. Why not follow the path to the Army Careers office and they will set you straight, they may be able to offer a path that you hadn't even thought of! Good luck!

    Cheers Easy!
  4. i can give you some guidance likkle boy.... :twisted: ......
  5. KINGQ

    You have nearly corrected all your mistakes but not quite - check again! Anyway, I believe I have provided all the advice you need, so get off your X Box and fill in the application for Welbeck.

    Dad :D
  6. Welbeck will give you A levels, the route to a degree and a commission, leading to greater responsibility, money and opportunity.

    Joining up as a soldier means that you get stuck into the Army sooner but as a Pte/ Sig. You will have fun at both, and will certainly grow up far more quickly in the Army, but if you want a career there is no need to rush into it.

    Bottom line is what is yr educational standard? If you can do A levels then I am amazed that you are thinking of not doing them! Education, education, education will always pay off.
  7. Haha, this is a joke, right?
  8. If you join as a soldier you could gain some military experience, aptitude etc, then apply for a commission having some experience. Depends how long you want to wait until you join your regiment, and what you do with that time until then. Good luck anyways, wish i'd thought about the Army when I was at school.