Officer or Soldier or Nothing

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jacobite, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,

    First post on the website so be gentle and sorry for the monolog

    In 2008 I applied to join the Army Legal Service and was informed in early 2009 that due to the large number of highly experienced applicants, presumably due to the recession, I was not to be selected for interview. Whilst I appreciated that there was bound to be more experienced applicants, having myself only qualified as a Solicitor in April 2009, I expressed my commitment to join was more than a mere way to obtain job security in these hard times and therefore applied for a regular commission which was processed.

    It was not however, until 3 weeks before I was scheduled to attend the AOSB brief in Westbury that my Doctor confirmed that I had in fact torn my Anterior Cruciate Ligament ("ACL"). I was not to be deterred however and attended the Brief in September 2009, where I obtained a Category 1 with my torn ACL. Unfortunately, however I was to be told for the second time that I could not serve my country since I could not hope to pass the medical at the AOSB Main Board and any ACL reconstruction surgery carried with it a an 18 month ban for entry. I had the operation in October 2009.

    My commitment did not falter and I decided that since lower ranks allow for a higher age limit I would join the Royal marines as a Private since they represented the greatest challenge and professionalism I could see (along with the Para's). This decision was made, somewhat naively, in the belief that both Army and Navy had similar medical entry requirements (18 months due to my ACL). This is not the case of course and despite passing the written test I was informed that Navy policy was ACL reconstruction resulted in a complete ban from entry.

    I have recently spoke to a RAF recruiter also concerning the RAF regiment which has the fantastic age limit of 36 for officer entry, but again my knee injury was a show stopper, much to the disappointment of the recruiter I may add who was very keen to have me join.

    I have four options;
    1) Join as a private soldier next year at the age of 29.
    2) Attempt to join the ALS again despite having a horrific gap of 10 months due to unemployment/redundancy.
    3) Emigrate and join the ADF or NZDF.
    4) GIVE UP!

    If anyone has bothered to read the above I would appreciate your input, advice, tips..... well anything!!
  2. nothing
  3. hahaha Cheers!
  4. Whilst most PQOs are the top of their game, especially the docs (and even some padres - not that one obviously...) by far and away every ALS officer I have met has been an oxygen thief of the highest order. Utterly incapable of practicing on civvy street, fail to protect those they represent, fail to prosecute those that deserve it. They go hand in hand with the RMP for screwing soldiers over.
  5. rule 1; never give up.

    If a career in the military is what makes your pole stick up, you should consider going in as a regular entry in the army. Job choice is limited, however the availability range is wide enough to satisfy brain and brawn alike.

    These are about the available jobs:

    Military Administrator, Musician, Vehicle Mech, Armourer, Recovery Mech, Op Military Intelligence, Registered Nurse, Gnr AS90, SE ME general fitter, SE ME c3s, SE ME Geographic, Postal & Courier Op, Petroleum Op, Ammunition Tech, Comm Systems Engineer

    according to a recent post.

    My advice is to get in contact with an ACIO and inform him about your situation. You might want to stay away from arduous jobs like infantry cos of your particular case. If you get the green light from your recruiter you can attend an insight course with any of your fave regiments, then hack through selection and you should do well, physically and mentally.

    As a final thought, most people on this forum will say you're better off with the kiwis or aussies. What you eventually decide is your personal decision.
  6. unemployment and a qualified solicitor, things are bad out there.

    Listen mate you should really try for the officer spot as you would have an unfair advantage in the world of kangaroo courts as a junior rank.
  7. Nothing. If you join as a soldier, you'll be like a fish out of water and you'll hate it.
  8. Well if the ALS officer's to which you refer are anything like the civvy street muppets I ve had the pleasure of meeting then I can 100% agree with what you are saying. That's probably why I was overlooked for interview.

    PQE aside, I wanted to join because I wanted to be in the Army and being a Solicitor was a skill I could bring to the table, but as usual the applicant's who spewed the most rubbish onto their CV's got the interview! the fact that none of them can do what they claim is not the point the fact that they can BS is what counts.

    The question remains however. What do you ladies and gents suggest?
  9. Thanks people, the comments are much appreciated!
  10. I served as a soldier, and since leaving I have become reasonably well educated - so I think my experience is probably relevant to you.

    When I consider the levels of responsibility I have now, the interests I have developed, and my current peer group - there is no way I could go back to being forced to serve food to Officers/SNCOs when they have a function on, or have somebody check regularly to make sure that I keep my room tidy etc, or pick up cigarette ends at least once a day, or spend whole days sweeping up because there is nothing else to do.

    I'm glad I served and I met some great lads, but there's no way I could go back and join up again as a soldier.

    It probably seems like a very good idea in your head, but I think you would be better trying the TA or something similar.
  11. Join as a soldier, but lose the defeatist attitude.
    Tell no one in your intake in basic of your academic past. Piss through training, on joining your unit of choice , keep the mouth shut and ears open, rapidly progress to jnco using your brain and cunning ( part of being a lawyer? ) to impress on your superiors that you are the man. To the guys in your unit , you should be the one to turn to if they need help with long words or tasks that require more than 12 minutes of mental concentration in a 24 hour period, yes you will come across a few, that way they all think you are one of the boys and a top bloke.
    Continue secretly studying your law books to keep up to date, you could at this stage start an internet law firm to bring in a little extra while conducting your masterplan of becoming the youngest ever warrant officer in the history of the army, how can you fail, join a Corps where you will be surrounded by morons "take your pick " Military police are good. Your superior intellect, natural charm and good looks will springboard you ahead of your contemporaries, all it takes is some balls. Do not under any circumstances put yourself in any line of work that involves personal danger( read flashman for tips) that would completely fc*k the plan, finally at the 15 year point when you are RSM retire to the cotswolds, with a lifetime of memories, money in the bank ,but remember through it all tell no one.
  12. Alternatively, he could just serve for the minimum four years. Then he could fall back on a career as an author, starting with his biography about the time he gave up a lucrative legal career in order to join the RLC as a mobile washing and laundry unit operator.
  13. I saw that film, wasnt it called the wash locker?
  14. If you're really serious about soliciting (heh see what I did there ;) } advice, then look into possibly joining the Australian Army as an officer. I have no idea if they're even looking for any more Ruperts, or even if you'd be able to join from the Mother Country without a good deal of paperwork, but it sounds as if you'd have too much education to ever be happy in the ranks. Just my 2 pfennings though. :p
  15. Option 2 appears what you are best suited to -- if the meds go against you that is just too bad.

    If you enlist into the ranks then something in which the qualities of being a trainable and quick learner could be a consideration, a role in the Green Slime, maybe.

    Good luck.