Officer or Int Corps ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by superlefthander, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone.

    I am interested in joining the Army, and have had an initial interview for entry as an Officer, which i have been put through to the AOSB.
    However, initially when I first became interested in the Army, entry as an Officer to the Int Corps was what I wanted to do. I expressed this at my interview but my interviewing Officer stated that for me to do this I would be competing against other candidates with much higher qualifications for very few places, which, as a result he recommended me for other areas within the Army.

    It would certainly be great to go to Sandhurst (and I'm sailing close to the wind with regards to age limit so would probably only get one shot).
    Yet, I find myself asking the question, would it be foolish to pass off an opportunity - potentially - for a place at Sandhurst and by the sounds of things not enter the Int Corps, to join as a regular soldier to the corps that i specifically want to join?

    I appreciate of course that first and foremost I would be a fighting soldier wherever I go, and, that entry to the Int Corps is conditional on certain vetting and aptitude criteria.

    But the Int Corps really does spark my interest a great deal, as does entering as an Officer to the corps. However, I have been left feeling a bit that Officer entry would be pretty much game over for entry to the Int Corps as I should humbly assume there would be someone better qualified than me wanting to do the same.
    So basically, would this be the case, am I even pinning too much on entering the Int Corps, and given my situation, would it be impolitic of me to try entry as a soldier?

    Any advice would greatly be appreciated !
    Many thanks
  2. Just accept you entry to Sandhurst,once there you get briefs from all regts/corps and if you impres enough a number of corps/regts may give you an offer. If you are doubly lucky one of them may be Int. Also some of the more 'highly-qualified' candidates may have fallen by the wayside leaving you a gap to slip into!

    If you decide on going as a Reg soldier, there will be opportunites were the hierarchy will spot qualities of a commission and possibly push you down that route once you have gone through training etc.

    Good luck and pack your sense of humour whichever route you take!

  3. Options:

    a. RMAS to commission with no certaintee that you will get in the Corps

    b. Soldier entry in the Corps. Chances of Commision from the ranks possible, but highly unlikely that it will be into the Corps unless LE.

    Given your point about the age limit, I would go for a. You could try and come across to the Corps later on in your Officer Career.

    What do you want harder? Commission or Int Corps?
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  4. Thanks for your quick replies ! Sorry Aos I probably did sound a bit of a square in my post. I've seen loads of people get slated - which is always entertaining - on these forums for their inability to at a write higher than 12 year old, so i thought i'd concentrate on the grammar ..

    I am concerned about my fitness levels given the fact im cracking on a bit and have previously had about ten years of a pretty bad lifestyle, so i was seriously concerned as was my interviewer about failing that at the AOSB.

    Howayman .. with regards to what i want more .. well, both equally i think, however, that if i did actually get commissioned into a different Corps / Regiment - as great as that still would be - i worry that i may feel as though I had not quite gone the route that i could have done in the ranks. if you get me. So i suppose i've just answered my own question ha.

    I spoke to a Sergeant on the Army Jobs website chat and he said it wasn't uncommon for people to enter the Int Corps in the ranks that had previously been offered places a Sandhurst, and tho it would seriously be fantastic to get commissioned the Corps seems to be the most interesting - for me -, but again im just worried that i may be

    a. thinking the Int Corps is all i hope it is (which please don't think for a second i believe im going to be James Bond - sorry i hate to say that)


    b. that as an Officer in another Corps / Regiment - such as signals that i'm interested in too - I would fundamentally be doing a very different job to an Officer in the Int Corps.

    This Sergeant i spoke to, basically summed it up as " Soldier - more hands on and specialised, Officer - much more managerial "

    AoS .. "opportunities for commission once you've trained .. " is that - correct me if im wrong - once you've been serving for a while through a late entry commission??
  5. SLH

    There is probably more opportunity to be hands on as an officer in the Int Corps than other Corps' but you are right in that there is more managerial aspects earlier in your career than as a soldier. However, if you join the Corps as a soldier, eventually you will be in managerial positions as well. We also have very good opportunities to commission from the the ranks also. Currently you need to be a WO1 to go for an LE commission but that may change in future. However, if you are of the right stuff, you may be pushed to go for a DE commission earlier in your career. This usually ends up with a commission in another Corps though, (RLC in most cases for some reason!)
  6. ..... not quite as much as there is in the Infantry.
  7. That maybe, but the infantry is not a Corps!
  8. I know! I don't suggest it is.
  9. Great stuff ...

    May change lowered, or changed all together?

    Sorry for my ignorance, what does that mean?
  10. To clarify what I said about hands on for officers, they will of course be managers from an early point in their career. However, they will also still do Int work. Capt's are Sect commanders but are expected to get involved in the processes when on Ex and deployed. Majors will be SO2's on deployment and major exercises. Even Lt Col and full Col still get involved in Int work. But they still have to do the management piece concurrently.
  11. Yes you will do a lot of management and Int work. However, they are not renowned for being very good managers of their underlings.

    Allegedly, they do a bit of security as well but I understandand from passengers on the `Clapham Omnibus` that Army `security` is the predominantly the preserve of the RMP and SAS with additional assistance from the Royal Signals Volunteer Reserve :D
  12. Fixed that for you.
  13. Fixed that for you Ad.

  14. Are you called the Intelligence & Security Corps now then ?*

    Seems the SAS have it all sown up:

    Former UK Forces operative Sam Mostyn has joined leading Security experts Pilgrims Group in the role of Training Manager. Sam joins Pilgrims from army service during which he gained UK Special Forces qualifications in Protective and Personal Security......................

    Must have been on a RAF P&SS sponsored course then ?

    * Athough I have seen the words `Royal Intelligence Corps` in the press recently :?
  15. My bold again Ad. Probably training provided by SMIT - you know, the Special Military Intelligence Team..... :?

    Don't have a go at me I know what it really stands for.