Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FUNDAMENTAL, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. I am thinking about goin for officer selection. I'm fit, strong educated to postgraduate level.

    But i've got a hemeroid. Very some, no pain just a bit of blood every now and then whe I wipe my arse.

    Would this put an end to any application? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. It might affect your ability to be shafted, just let the Doctor doing the medical know and he'll give you a chit saying you can't be bummed by your training staff.
  3. use the search function for jsp 346.....
  4. Hahahaha :lol:


  5. fucking lol man
  6. Educated, so what happened to your grammar?

    Your arsse is the least of your problems :roll:
  7. Yeah very good,

    But what I'm asking is exactly how thorough is the medical...

    If it doesn't actually botehr me noboady is gonna find out eh?
  8. My grammar is usually fine, I'm just a little shaken by you're razor wit!
  9. Deliberate mistake there...did you spot it?
  10. Assuming they don't get any worse.
    Chalfonts can get worse, much worse, and they can lead to complications.
    They are treatable, go and see your GP.
  11. On all my Regular Army medicals no-one looked at my hoop, nor on my TA medicals at my first unit or course medicals.

    I go and transfer to my current unit and the first thing the Doc does is tell me to bend over and spread my cheeks as he gets his maglite in there.

    He must have liked me...
  12. But if I see my GP then it'll go on my record and then it'll jepordise an application
  13. Mental, you're too much of a bayonet to be getting gobby. The MO might not find a problem with your arrse unless he fancies you and takes a close look! However you will when the DS ram things up there because of ‘bad attitude’.
  14. What's Bayonet? Except the obvious?