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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Check23, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I am currently preparing myself for my pre-AOSB, and am in my last 18 weeks of A2 levels. I have had the introductory video and interview at my local AFCO for what I can expect from the boards and such. And recently recieved my confirmation for my AOSB :D . However I had asked very few questions about the medical. So here it is:

    What could I expect from the officer selection medical, in the way of what gets checked? I have already had (and passed) a CAA Class 2 medical, is it similar?

    And (although obvious), what is the Army's policy on drug use prior to joining? Are there any blood tests for detecting it during officer selection? My reason for asking is for the benefit of someone else, who is following the same route as me. He believes that there are NO blood tests at all, so I just wanted to clear this up.

    Thanks very much.

    (Edit: Apologies, I just realised this may have had to go in the AOSB section.)
  2. Really. What have you been taking then?
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    yeah... a friend...
  5. Hah, I don't touch the stuff. Although, I had expected this, so Im gonna take it on the chin. But seriously a proper answer would be good.
  6. Having to urinate in a tiny tube at AOSB is the only test I've encountered thus far. I don't think it was primarily a drugs test, at least I didn't hear of anybody failing. But then, I don't think any of us had spent many evenings shooting up in a bedsit either.
  7. I guess the only way to find out is for your smackhead, scumbag friend to follow through with the process and find out first hand. I suppose if anything gets picked up he could always claim it's an infringement of of his human rights. [penultimate word used in the loosest possible sense obviously]
  8. Iv'e been told they only piss test. So as long as you havn't been coked up in the last 3 days you'll be fine... of course I dont think your "friend" should really be joining at this stage if he can't stop using.

  9. The urine test at AOSB is for diabetes this means alot of people fail it the first time (i.e. the morning you get there) because they've all been drinking glucose heavy drinks in preperation for the phys
  10. Ok, well thanks. Agreed its an extremely stupid idea, especially to be persuing in this line of work. As I had never really been told much about the medical side of it (except for the PT of course), I felt it necessary to enquire.

    But is there any info you can give me on the medical examination side of it? I.e. is it just a simple "head to toe" check?

  11. Lung function test, hearing test, height and weight, p1ss in a tube (basic urinalysis), ministry of funny walks test, chat with the doc, go over the medical forms you've submitted, any tattoos / piercings.... can't remember if there was anything else. Not a drama. It's not like you can prepare for it.
  12. Ahh, good stuff. Ta Wyv. :thumleft:
  13. My goodness - my dear chap. Do you always jump in with both feet, size 12 boots and a JCB when judging someone? Or are you of the opinion that anyone who has even tried drugs of any form is an evil monster reprobate who can never be reabilitated?
  14. I may be wrong, in fact I usually am but I thought drugs could only be tested for at a cdt. They would have to tell you that at smack test was going to be carried out.
    Your 'friend' would do well to stop using asap.
    If all else fails, tell him that Harry was no saint in this respect. Neither are half the government.
  15. You will have a drugs test at RMAS, if the Army can afford it, but long enough after you arrive that any residue from pre-service days have disappeared and long enough in that you know the drugs policy. Fair's fair.